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Flickr is so cool
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Yes, the product is cool, but the shiny wrappings around Flickr are also very cool.

Shiny wrappings?

It’s the personality of the web application. Just like a person it’s the way you talk, the language, the colors, the tone, the attitude, your friends, the things you do and how you do them, how you deal with situations and the rest of it. All of it.

Your personality is like your brand. It’s the sum total of everything. You can’t be really cool with funky ads and then have a boring corporate website. Well you can, but you’ll suck.

So Flickr has a great personality. I’ve known that for ages. I’m a fan boy. I like them. When I see little things like the ‘Loves You’ in the image above, I like them even more. It fits. If microsoft did it, I’d laugh and laugh. If Google did it, I’d say “You do not”.

What apps do you love and do they love you back? I don’t mean with value or joy, but really with some sort of mutual connection.

I think it’s something that comes with very strong foundations, normally from very strong founders.

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