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Twitter Updates for 2008-01-31

Glass half-full, half-empty? Engineer: the glass is twice as big as it needs to be. Marketing: it’s 100% full. Half of water, half of air! # reply to @christine: Re: Check your blogs if you use a Twitter widget – # [seesmic] No mac for webex or gotomeeting? – # [seesmic] Twitter Is Full – is this the end? – # Do most web app companies have one product or a few products? # Do most web app companies have one product or a few products? # Do most web app companies have one product or a few products? # Buying some new cards. Lurv it. # The Customer Service Intersection: Ring up angry and either hang up angrier or happier. Rang the Clarence St Cyclery and am super happy. # The first goal of a new web app company – Change the World. # @bigyahu I tried playing Imperial Galaxy on FB twice, but still had no idea what was going on… # Has anyone heard of/worked with The Hunger Project? # Woke to rain and a new version on dev to plough through. Bitter sweet. # Wrestling with skype for team call… Like Twitter, we rely on it but we understand it […]

Medium Overload and Workstyle Balance

seesaw crossing Originally uploaded by rachaelvoorhees Today I was lamenting that I’m not spending enough time analyzing the results of my work. A product of trying to do too much and being excitedly distracted by my toys (Twitter, Seesmic, this blog, WOW stead). It generally means you don’t get better at what you do and you can get burnt out. Thankfully I caught it just in time… But it made me think about workstyle balance. Not between work and homelife, but in your actually ratio of the type of work you do. I broke it up into a few areas; Research – Discovering new information about something you’re doing or done. Strategy – Thinking about what direction you should be going in and how you’re going to win. Production – Actually implementing the strategy and plans (the real work…). My ratio right now is about Research : Strategy : Production 5 : 10 : 85 Where I think I should be; 20 : 20 : 60 — Here is a quick poll to see where you’re at right now. <a href=”” >surveys</a> – <a href=”” >Take Our Poll</a> — Or discuss it in depth here.

Web App Goal #1: Change the World

google maps and tennis courts Originally uploaded by bigmick If your first goal when building a web apps isn’t ‘To Change The World’, then take a deep breath and start again. You’re about to start working really really hard for really really risky returns, so it’s worth taking some time to think about it. Write it down somewhere. On your blog, wiki or whiteboard. “We are doing this to change the world” There are lots of reasons to do this. 1. It makes you focus on doing something unique. If your idea is to build a solitaire game, then nothing is going to change. Nothing new is going to be created. 2. It makes you want to do something bigger. Not that all good things, or things that change the world have to be mega, but normally it takes as much time to do something big as little, so triple that goal. 3. It makes you think about change. This includes both what can you do to bring about change, but also that in building a new web app you have to be aware that change has to happen. A long list of great technologies died because the developers didn’t think about how peoples behaviours would have to change. 4. […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-30

@lachlanhardy Hey, where abouts do they play ball? I might go and join in if that’s cool? buzz me # OK, it’s really late, but what’s the easiest, cheapest way for me to get Leopard for my MBP? # Heard at the facebook garage. I have Social Media Optimisation. Sheesh. SMO? # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-29

Man, I am getting bashed with YouTube spam today. What’s going on??? # *sigh* all things in moderation. Scrabulous is now a chore… # Just unsubscribed from Not the range of books I’m after. P2P, net archives. Any other sources? # Wow, Skype has 10 million people online right now. That’s more than we ever had at Kazaa. huge # I’m turning off comments on YouTube after 4 spammers today… # My wife is beating me up about some features missing in Tangler… Ouch. # Still curious about how Twitterers find new web apps # Walking through difference between plugins and widgets with a non-geek. Interesting to think of the ecosystem. # @bigyahu Yep, plugins are fraught with risk, but have to say WordPress has been Sweedish! Twitter tools also noice. # I met Maria Sipka yesterday and she knew @chrissaad @cameronreilly and more. Plus grew up on the Central Coast like me. Bundle of energy! # Powered by Twitter Tools.


Simple Websites by Design Originally uploaded by bigmick I was looking for companies that specialise in simple websites and I came across this one which was fourth on the list in Google. Ugly. Not updated since 2000. And really ugly. After I could look back at the screen and worked out how old it is I just couldn’t believe that Google would even index it, let alone so highly. Is this a result of no one else using these specific words? Or is a part of the Google magic that these things slip through??

Sydney Facebook Developer Garage

Dave McClure on Facebook Originally uploaded by bigmick Last night I attended the first ever Sydney Garage for Facebook Developers. It was a reasonably good event, but a little too much seminar and not enough barcamp, although with some Barcamp Sydney vets in the crowd it nearly broke out into a Barcamp. The crowd was mostly filled with developers who are either doing it or want to do it. A couple of business types and a new writer for ZDnet Australia who studied Aerospace. There was a live cross to David Morin the Facebook Platform Manager, which was nearly ruined when someone (who may or may not have been from MySpace) tripped over a cord and knocked the projector over. He was asked lots of questions, most by Jodi Rich (previously of OneTel fame (or infamy)) about including more stuff to access via the API. His standard answer was; “Thanks, we’ll take that feedback onboard” So we thought he was a bot. Then we saw a business guy who builds apps on Facebook talking stats which was pretty interesting. Lots about Facebook’s acquisition and follow on promotion being exponentially better than a normal web site (the guy was CEO of A couple of videos from Facebook guys…. Then we […]

2web Crew Blogcast

2web Originally uploaded by bigmick We did the live recording of the 2web crew podcast and today I got to be special guest. Cool. Podcast Discussion Thanks for the fun.

10 Ways People Find New Web Apps

Surprise! Just what I’ve always wanted! Originally uploaded by Sugar Pond They don’t come in a box, or bought off the shelves. So how do people find new web applications? A really important question for someone who’s just made one and wants a few more customers, or someone who’s thinking of making one.  Notice that most of these hinge on you being awesome. 1. You see a friend using it. This could be directly over the shoulder, or they could casually digesting someones twitter feed and hear that they use it. This is how I discovered Desklickr yesterday as Lachlan Hardy twittered it, not as a promotion, but just that he used it. 2. You get an invite from Facebook, et al. Whether it’s a vampire app or something that is actually useful to the planet, when someone decides to spam/invite you to a new application it comes with (some) credibility. This credibility is like a borse in that the more Vampire’s I get from you, the lower your credibility, the more Quicksilver’s I get, up goes your credibility. 3. You get emailed an invite personally. As far as referrals go, this is the big one. “Hey Mick, you really should check this out, you’ll love it”. Is pretty much […]

I love Flickr

I love Flickr Originally uploaded by jodi_tripp I got Flickr working on this blog too. I do love Flickr. I’ll try not to talk about it too much but I think they do a lot of stuff right. Like this for an offramp onto WordPress. Sweet, or as my friend Alisdair would say, Swedish!