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Webware 100: Who I Voted For and Why

Webware 100 Awards 2008: Thank you for voting! Originally uploaded by bigmick Webware 100 is on again and I took some time to vote. Here is who I voted for and why… Last.FM – works nicely in the background and makes my blog look cooler (except that I listen to a lot of classical music…) Pandora – cool product that went global and they gave me a cool hat once that I still wear. Amazon – just plain solid. And they just resent something that didn’t arrive. PayPal – works, and I need it. Upcoming – cool, nicely social and free. Tangler – coz I love it and it needs all the love it can get. And I work there. Peepel – Go the Aussies! Remember the Milk – More great Aussies, and great app. Wesabe – saw it at TC40 and liked the people and the app. Flickr – I’m a Flickr fanboy from way back when. Twitter – grown on me (like a virus…) WordPress – recent convert from Typepad and it kicks the Schmicks. Google – solid! Google Maps – live improving in odd little good ways. Medgle – coz Ash is da’ MaN. Scrabulous – because I play with wife and dad and because it’s not […]

Quickflix and Online Application Customer Service

Shit up!Originally uploaded by MFinChina EDITED & UPDATED – QUICKFLIX IS LISTENING TO CUSTOMERS Rant… I signed up for Quickflix trial. One month free. We tried it and loved it. Build up a queue of the movies you want to see, they mail them out to you, you watch them at your own pace, and then send it back when you’re done. Great system. Just like Netflix. So I decided to continue at $19.95 per month and thought I set it up to change down to that level after the trial was over. The rolled me over at $36 per month. “Can you please roll me back?” “No, sorry” “Please, it’s not a lot of money but I think I set it at $19.95” “No, sorry, just wait a month” “Grrr” I know it’s probably not a big team, but a manual change or even a month free to keep a brand new happy customer happy is not a lot. Very disappointed. End Rant UPDATE I just got a call from a customer care guy from Quickflix and it seems they found my blog post. They said that since I felt that I’d saved it and it didn’t connect through, they have given me another free month, at the higher […]

Communication Tools and Balance

@mpesce and @nickhodge and @twitter – better? Originally uploaded by bigmick (Haven’t blogged for a while, so busy, but here is a quick one..) I had a go at Twitter the other day, and it looked like I was having a go at some of my Twitter friends. Nick Hodge particularly. But I wasn’t. I was lamenting that Twitter doesn’t do everything I want it to do. To be honest I was flat out and didn’t want to put up with any Twitter crap. And when I saw a conversation going on in MY twitter stream, I put my foot down. Funny thing is, I have so many communication devices, that all do different things, and STILL I’m unhappy. Is there no pleasing me? Is there no pleasing you? The reality is that it’s a constantly changing, evolving and tidal situation. From one minute to the next I want and need different things. How can 1 app do that? How can 10? So Twitter comes out of that melee looking brave AND smart. Brave – “Nope, we’re not going to let you write more than 140 chars and we’re not going to give you tools to have 1 on 1 conversations. This is Twitter. Love it or hate it, but […]

Enterprise 2.0: Exec Forum

Enterprise Intro Originally uploaded by bigmick I’m at Luna Park this morning for a forum on web 2.0 in the enterprise. Ross Dawson and the crew have put together a good four hour program. I feel a little out of place since there are a lot of big big big companies here, but I guess that’s why I’m blogging and Tangling and Twittering. And some good friends are here. Jodie Miners, Stephen Collins, Des Walsh and Phil Morle. Some links; Forum Blog Forum Discussion Forum – embedded lobby below. I’ll keep you updated;

Who’s Stalking You on Social Networks?

Stalker mode Originally uploaded by bigmick There is two sides to social metrics. The business side and the user side. This screenshot is one of my first views of how LinkedIn is trying to add more value by letting me see who’s looking at my profile. It was an interesting experience. I felt like I was prying by knowing what other people were doing. And then I felt, “Hey, who are these people looking at me?”. I curious to see if Facebook and other social apps also have tools and stats like this to see who’s looking you up. (5 minutes later) So I couldn’t find any real stalker stats on Facebook, but I’m sure you could scrape them somehow? Or is no permalinks a challenge?? — Question:

How to Safely Play with Web 2.0

test tube flowers Originally uploaded by cyancey I did a presentation this morning to a great bunch of marketing and media people in Australian Government organisations. One of their biggest challenges is that they want to do more web 2.0 stuff, but the legal eagles won’t let them try and the IT guys won’t help them try. So we came up with the idea of playing with password protected tools and then showing the naysayers how we are using it. So here is a list of free applications that you can sign up to and play with in password protected, invite only way. 1. Blogging Where you write stuff and people make comments about it. Try Uncheck the tick box on the second page that says “Privacy” 2. Wiki Webpages that lots of people can add to and change. Try Wetpaint Change “Who can view your wiki” to private. 3. Micromedia Sending little short messages about thinks you’re doing and stuff you’ve found to your friends. Try Twitter Then add me as a friend by going here and clicking ‘Follow’ I’ll follow you back. 4. Forums Where anyone can create a new topic around a subject and everyone talks about it. Try Tangler (of course) Click ‘Private’ under group […]

How many jobs have you had?

Change of Guards, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Moscow Originally uploaded by yeowatzup I was walking through a great presentation (see below) and I saw that it was saying that kids today may have 10-14 jobs before they are 38. No way! Oh, hang on, I’ve already had 8 different employers. Ouch! Reality… I’m curious to see if I’m different. Sometimes I wish I had more stability and ‘worked my way up’. But mostly I love the variety of roles, companies and especially people I’ve worked with. In the discussion embedded here, vote and tell me what your years per job ratio is and tell me about your stories. — Here is the great presentation that I was inspired by; Shift HappensĀ 

Media Site Dead Ends

Media Site Dead Ends Originally uploaded by bigmick I was talking the other day about applications that are dead ends. Media sites are the most frustrating for me. They still just don’t get that they are now the end point. They are not the final destination. Even the ABC, Australia’s government funded, no advertising media outlet who generally does a good job has dead ends. When Kevin Rudd said sorry, all the other media outlets gave a text story but didn’t link to the actual video (or not clearly) but the ABC did. Now here was an article I saw as an ad in Gmail which begs a link to the FIFA rankings site. But it’s just the text. No link. Such a waste. And I’d definitely use a news service more if they linked out. I don’t think it’s completely about having a walled garden. It’s their CMS that don’t allow for URLS, pictures, videos. Some of the USA ones are doing a better job, but with WSJ still a non-deep linking site, there is clearly a ways to go.

Offtopic: Cheap Office Rental

Mick Dans Le Cafe Originally uploaded by bigmick Sometimes I work in Toby’s Estate Cafe across the road. $3.50 for a nice tea and some good ambiance and a change of environment. Cheapest office rental in town. No wifi though, but sometimes it’s good to be offline (yes, it’s true) Photo from Skitch and iCam.

Rolling Post: Getting, Keeping, Chachinging

Allie Originally uploaded by huxleyesque A live post on thoughts on acquisition, retention and monetization With the advent of social networks, the pace at which new applications are hitting the market has accelerated. Every app seems to have such different degrees of acquisition, retention and ability to actually make some money. The goal generally is being great at all three. But there is generally a big difference. For example…. Food fight – great at getting people in, but terrible at keeping them, and near zero dollars. WordPress – not brilliantly viral, great retention but not a big (direct) money spinner. Million Dollar Web Page – very profitable, but not that good on real acquisition and no real reason to go back there ever. Questions to ponder: 1. Who’s doing a good job at all three? 2. Do apps have different purposes in life? 3. How does social operating systems change the game? BRB