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multi-sumo (by Môsieur J.)

Interesting news of Microsoft bidding for Yahoo, News doing the same and Google being frightened of the outcome.

Here is my quick view on how I see these guys.

Google – Massive, arrogant, academic, cash rich, well positioned for  future, do great products with lots of simplicity.

Microsoft – struggling with change, locked into Windows, too risk averse, should learn more from IBM at being big but profitable.

News – money money money, not innovating and don’t ‘get it’ but happy to buy apps with eyeballs. Open Social will be interesting.

Yahoo – too mixed up, no consistency, no solid direction, but trying pretty hard.

I’d be a lot more interested if Apple bought Yahoo. I think they’d clean out the crap, focus on the real wow stuff and present a more compelling proposition. If News bought Yahoo it would get uglier and messier. YahooVegas!

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