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Collaboration Project: Build Business 2.0 Meme Map

mememap12a Originally uploaded by brucesflickr To your right is the Tim O’Reilly web 2.0 meme map. I’m helping companies build apps that often align with these principles. Increasingly though, I’m finding that I’m also working with companies in similar ways. * Small parts, loosely connected. * Trust the user. * Perpetual beta. * Play. So here is my Collaboration Task for you. Add comments below to build a meme map for Agile Business 2.0. Tell me how you work today? Do you work from different offices? Do you have lots of specialists? Do you use whiteboards more than word docs? Do you think by blogging? Is Twitter your Bat Phone? Use the following key; * Green: [your contribution] (Top bubbles that drive the engine. * Orange: [your contribution] (Middle rectangle, core engine parts) * Pink: [your contribution] (Bottom bubbles, of how it plays out in reality) Then we’ll get someone to throw it into a map. Unless someone has a visual wiki tool that I don’t know about…

OT: Please contact me Audible

Womble pleading in Ipswich! Originally uploaded by Rich.w This is not a real blog post, but a test of the cloud, and of the community ears of I bought a great book from you but only got part 1 of 2. So I’m left hanging. I don’t know what happened. I just want part 2. Is that too much to ask? Please contact me. mick liubinskas com

iTV and Mobile Will Save Big Media

dead tv Originally uploaded by willsfca It’s true. The advertising woes are over! I went to a Slattery Debate the other night and heard the big media digital guys of Australia (Ten, Nine and PBL) talk about how Internet TV and mobile is going to save their drooping ad sales. Yeah, maybe. But…. The reality is that both iTV and mobile is going to be user controlled and open, not ‘channel’ based and media company controlled. (Providing net neutrality is maintained). Mobile isn’t going to be app based, and it’s certainly not going to be controlled by the access provider or the handset manufacturer anymore than Internet is controlled by the ISP and PC manufacturer. It’s going to be browser based and wide open. iTV is the same. I got onto the net via my Nintendo Wii and I wanted to break down the walled garden and get out. It was exciting to be on, but I’ve seen AOL and I know why it’s short lived. I want to watch YouTube and I want to search. Yes, I’ll go to the big guys, but only if they give me the good stuff. You are going to have to really earn it, not just limit me to a few free channels […]

Perhaps the worst email offer ever

Perhaps the worst email offer ever Originally uploaded by bigmick I got this email last night. It’s an offer for an offer. In direct marketing you are taught that the most important part of a campaign is the list. In fact I think it went something like this. List – 50% Offer – 30% Timing – 15% Creative – 5% OK, so I was targeted since I’d flown before with Jetstar, but really, my time is so precious, why give me an offer for an offer? If the offer is as hot as they make it out to be, I’ll forward it on to friends after I get it. Not before. Of course, maybe there are people in the world who like these emails, like there are people who read junk mail.

App Review: Social Median

Saw an invite for

Web Business Model Basic Maths

Pot of Gold Originally uploaded by tao_zhyn “I’ve got lots of users, I’m going to start making lots of money soon!” I hear a lot of new businesses talk about how much money they will make when they get big through advertising but I’m not sure they realise just how big you have to get before you make any serious money. This is really true of SocApps (Social Network Apps) which promise fast and big acquisition and lots of page views. I’m working on a calculator for this but in the meantime here is the quick ‘back to earth’ maths. Update: I finished it. Well, the Pollenizer developers finished it. Web Business Revenue Calculator Customers = 10,000 x Visits per month = 4 x Pages per visit = 3 x Ads per page = 2 x Effective Nett Revenue Per 1,000 ad views (ECPM) = $0.80 = $192 a month! Buy that BMW now! $192 won’t pay for your servers…. The divide by 1,000 in the ECPM is the killer. 80 cents per 1,000 ads. Sheesh. Don’t not go for it, but just realised that big needs to be BIG to get a good return.

Coming Up: Barcamp Canberra and MySpace Dev

Barcamp Parliament House Originally uploaded by bigmick So we’ve got some big ones coming up… Firstly… Barcamp Canberra is on Saturday April 19th. A week and a bit. If you’re in Canberra, you should definitely go. Even if you are only someone who loves tech, or loves the Internet or wants to love it you should go. Seriously, it’s a soft way to immerse yourself in some good technology with great people. If you know someone in Canberra who should go, then email/text them now. Do it. Push it. We all complain that our nations capital is slow moving, well this is our chance to do something about it. Email someone. In fact I realise I know someone who used work with Senator and now Minister Penny Wong. I’ll email him now. Do your bit to geek up Canberra! Big /clap for Stephen Trib Collins who I think is the brains, sweat and gears behind this little puppy. Secondly… MySpace are launching their developer community for Australia in Sydney with a party in edgy Surry Hills. They are putting on some beers, chardonnay and pizza triangles and hopefully showing off something cool. I’m hoping for a bit more spice then the Facebook garage a few months ago, which was good, […]

Barcamp Sydney Number 3

Jodie Miners Barcamp Badge of Honour Originally uploaded by bigmick I only got to get 1/4 of the Barcamp Good Stuff given a busy weekend, but I did get a chance to load it to the brim. Here are some pics I took Highlights: * Great unorganising. Well done guys. * Great new venue. * Lots of new faces and big enthusiasm – Go Seph! * Excellent use of Wii and Guitar Hero (I sucked, then rocked) * Great talk by Andrew on graphics. * Great talk on Facebook API. Some friendly faces: * Delicate Genius * Dekrazee1 * Liako * Eskimo Sparky * Jodie Miners * Russ Weakley (Wiikly) * Jodee Rich * Marty Wells * Nick Hodge * BCK * Funkycoda * Stephen Collins up from Canberra (Respek!) Suggestions: * Two days is too much for that big space and Sydney yet. Rather have it over flowing for one day then spread out for 2. * Coffee was a bit far away and not much fun in the gym. * Maybe a sausage sizzle next time? I’ll man the tongs. Awesome. More. Sooner. Go Barcamp Sydney!

AppRev4: Slice The Pie

(New screencast software+Viddler makes a better application review!) Video review of Slice the Pie. An app where you can participate in the music industry. I only tested one part, but I made 3 pence (UK) which was great.   Verdict: Slice of the Pie 6/10   Actually the UK Pounds thing is probably a mistake. US Dollars is still the central currency, but maybe they are going to roll out other sites for each geography. Otherwise, I think it could be a good business if the Gen Y’ers and music lovers get on board. Next step – building a base.

Mick Moving To Perth

Perth (07) Originally uploaded by William Hook April Fools Joke Warning Now that Cameron Reilly has left Melbourne, Duncan Riley has moved there. Now that Duncan Riley has left Perth, I can move there. Yes, it’s true. I’m moving to Perth. Probably around June. Can’t wait. Go Freo! P.S. sorry for delay and post 12pm curfew, but I’ve been busy.