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I only got to get 1/4 of the Barcamp Good Stuff given a busy weekend, but I did get a chance to load it to the brim.

Here are some pics I took

* Great unorganising. Well done guys.
* Great new venue.
* Lots of new faces and big enthusiasm – Go Seph!
* Excellent use of Wii and Guitar Hero (I sucked, then rocked)
* Great talk by Andrew on graphics.
* Great talk on Facebook API.

Some friendly faces:
* Delicate Genius
* Dekrazee1
* Liako
* Eskimo Sparky
* Jodie Miners
* Russ Weakley (Wiikly)
* Jodee Rich
* Marty Wells
* Nick Hodge
* Funkycoda
* Stephen Collins up from Canberra (Respek!)

* Two days is too much for that big space and Sydney yet. Rather have it over flowing for one day then spread out for 2.
* Coffee was a bit far away and not much fun in the gym.
* Maybe a sausage sizzle next time? I’ll man the tongs.


Go Barcamp Sydney!

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  1. [...] Mick came up with the great idea of a sausage sizzle for lunch (though they had free pizzas on Sunday, supplied by acidlabs) [...]

  2. JodieM says:

    Mick, I’m flattered, my chest is famous on your blog ;)

  3. JodieM says:

    Hey, cool pics on flickr too…

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