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Focus is Important For Big Guys Too!

Put Your Glasses Back On Originally uploaded by Big Bob Burns Techcrunch points out clearly that focus isn’t just a start-up thing, it’s a big business thing too. Try this…. What business are the following companies in? Yahoo Microsoft Apple IBM Google How did you go? Wishy washy? Clear on some, not on others? You use them every day (maybe) but you associate them by many little uses and multiple products. Yes, it’s hard to get massive and make billions on a single focus, but you can do it with things being aligned. Focus becomes Alignment You start with focus and it’s aligned with your vision. Then every time you get a new opportunity the table, you ask “Is this aligned with our vision? Is this a step forward from our focus to our vision?” If yes – yippeee – do it. If no – booooo – don’t do it, don’t cheapen yourself, don’t dilute and delude. Seriously, don’t. You’ll regret it. Don’t do it even if it’s close. Even if it’s sort of almost. “Stay on target red leader!” What business are you in? Hmm… (Turn the camera around) Pollenizer is in the business of helping startups grow faster. Good luck Jerry!

Duncan Riley Caption Competition

Duncan Riley Caption Competition Originally uploaded by bigmick I’m offering 1 hour free focus boot-camp for the best caption for Duncan here. Add them to the comments, and please keep them (relatively) clean and (reasonably) nice. 🙂

Focusing on Focus

The Startup Juggle Originally uploaded by bigmick (long time no post….) Busy couple of weeks on and off the court (work and personal life). Cebit was a bit of a coming out party for Pollenizer (see our new look web estate) and that was fun. Busy doing lots of great things with some rising star businesses. Working on a co-working space for Sydney. And thinking about what else I can do to help start-ups focus and avoid the messy juggle. Deep breath…. Back under!

Mick At CeBIT

Paris Las Vegas Originally uploaded by http2007 Just a note that I’m going to be at CeBIT in Sydney this Tuesday in the exhibition hall helping to launch the grunty BonBon and Thursday at Transaction 2.0, where I’ll be giving a sermon on focus. Tweet, email or kick me in the butt if you want to catch up there or get a coffee. Here is my draft sermon. It’s mostly talked to, but you’ll get the drift. | View | Upload your own

Do Business In China & Support Tibet?

sft_india_google_medium Originally uploaded by phauly I have a dilemma. Am I a hypocrite protesting against the behaviour of China on one hand and considering doing business with them on the other? Whilst I don’t pretend to be across the complete facts, and I’m sure there is a fair bit of ‘information management’ going on, but understanding is that my principles are not in line with the way the Chinese Government operates. Particularly around free speech and Tibet. Again, I don’t proclaim that I, my business or the government of the my country, Australia, are perfect by any stretch of the imagination. We have our faults too. It’s undoubted that there are great opportunities in China, and also the interaction of ‘western’ people and companies may have a positive, long term impact. I don’t have an answer. I think I should say no. But it’s not simple and the long answer is more like a book, than a blog post. Simmer….

Australian Government Chills Innovation

Ice House toilet Originally uploaded by pink hats, red shoes News in this week that Australia is canning the CommReady Grant programme. For at least two of our clients this will mean greater risk, less employment and less likelihood of being an export star for Australia. I totally agree that climate change needs investment, but biasedly but hopefully logically as well, the opportunity cost of the shitty chilling effect this will have on the previously blooming Australian IT industry may be disastrous. Here’s the media release: “Senator the Hon Kim Carr 13 May 2008 STREAMLINED PROGRAMS AND NEW PRIORITIES CONTRIBUTE TO FISCAL DISCIPLINE The Rudd Labor Government has outlined a range of savings measures in tonight’s Budget which demonstrate fiscal responsibility and a clear commitment to modernising Government spending. Difficult decisions have been taken to secure Australia’s long-term prosperity. These sensible and disciplined savings measures will assist the Government’s goal of putting downward pressure on inflation and interest rates. The Government is undertaking a root and branch rethink of the nation’s innovation system through the review of the National Innovation System which, along with the Government’s white paper response, will provide a roadmap for the next decade. The Rudd Government is determined to get the policy settings and programs for […]

Turbo Turnstiles and When To Ignore CRM

Lonely Turnstyle Originally uploaded by John Vetterli I’m working with the hard working crew at Getprice Comparison Shopping and working with them on building out their service. One of the things we’ve been doing is designing a registered customer service, where you can join Getprice and get tools, stuff and things that make your ongoing shopping experience better. As part of this, I was a good boy and looked at the competitors and saw that none of them are doing this well. There are social shopping sites that have registered users, but the straight comparison shopping sites are straight turnstiles. Straight Turnstile: Customer finds you (SEM, SEO, Affiliate generally), uses you, leaves you and you take a CPC clip on the way out and maybe some CPM on the way through. Other than a few cookies and a number on the stats pile, you don’t really know anything about them. Hugging Turnstile: Customer finds you (however), uses you and in the process of using you decide they like you and would like to form a permanent (but light to begin with) connection. They may then leave you by the same means as the straight turnstile, but we know who they are, can talk to them if need be and when […]

Link Bugs on Sony BMG Site

Link Bugs on SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT :: Australia :: Home Originally uploaded by bigmick Wasn’t actually shopping, but was testing and found links just going nowhere as web devs do when they are still working on it. Makes you realise that with massive budgets you can still make really simple mistakes that make transactions impossible. (Unless they were just blocking me, which is possible since the music industry and I haven’t always gotten on…) It did make me go “Hmmmm, not good Sony” which always reminds me of Jan Carlzon from Scandinavian Air, who introduced to me (via Phil my uni lecturer) to the concept of Moments of Truth – where every thing you do impacts your brand perception. Don’t clean the tray tables and customers start wondering if you look after your engines? Don’t make links work on your home page and maybe your eCommerce isn’t so secure? What moments of truth are impeding your customers from loving you wholly and passionately?

The Experience Loop

The Loop Originally uploaded by crazyegg95 Just thinking about my music buying habits and the big loop I’ve taken. It’s interesting because research would show that I’m a prime candidate for Internet shopping for music – but I’m not. Why? Back to the start… Prior to working at Kazaa I used to buy lots of music in stores. Maybe 2 CD’s a month. Half the time I’d wonder in and find something, half the time I’m hunting. Then I started using Napster to experiment with music. Find stuff I love. Find stuff I hate. Find stuff that makes me dance. It was a tornado of music. I was going to live gigs, buying 4-5 CD’s a month from stores and loving it. Then Kazaa. All P2P was strictly by the book. Only legal stuff. And I was working ‘on’ Kazaa too much. But my tornado was still spinning so I needed to fuel it without leaving my desk (it was in my contract). So I found Chaos Music. Why them? They were the underdogs, and their service was good enough. Each week almost, a package of CD’s turned up on my desk. My post-Kazaa world trip was a whirlwind of shared MP3 players and a musical melting pod. A few […]

Sydney Needs Coworking Space

free ‘cute’ hugs Originally uploaded by kalandrakas Sydney’s Tech community is starting to pick up pace and we really need to nurture it. Keep up the events like Web Jam, Bar Camp, WSG, etc! But we need more. We need a co-working space where geeks, freaks and nerds a-like can drop in occasionally and ‘be in the space’. Please make some comments to add your ideas on how it could be done. I’ll go first!