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What Group Tools Do You Use

Celestine cluster Originally uploaded by jaja_1985 I’m curious, what group tools do you use? What websites and apps let you connect with people that you share a passion about? Do you connect with some groups regularly and some groups once a year? Is the frequency of your connection more based on where that interest sits in your priorities or a reflection of the people in it, the tool they use or how ‘online’ it is? There is a poll below, but I’m also curious to know what you love and hate about them too. Also, do you feel that you have groups in other non-grouped applications. e.g. Twitter and Friendfeed. Rooms is sort of groups, but sort of not. Do we need groups anymore or are we all just merrily connected My group life….. Google Groups – I have a few groups here that I partake in and one that I’m subscribed to for email alerts – CoWorking – since I’m on a bent right now. The rest I don’t look at and never go into Google Groups unless I want something. Yahoo Groups – was a member once, of one group, but never opened the email, so unsubscribed. Facebook Groups – have tried to start a few, and am […]

OT: Beardless

who is this guy Originally uploaded by bigmick When I asked my wife what she wanted for her birthday she said, how about you shave that beard off for once. Well, it was either that or the diamond earrings!

Ninemsn Search Will Beat Google

ninemsn Secret Search – Powered by Live Search – Results Originally uploaded by bigmick I just saw NineMSN’s, powered by MSN Live Search (now with Vista), new strategy to beat Google. Every time you search you get a chance to win prizes. Click the pic to see the magic. Brilliant. I can’t see how Google can compete. Merely by giving people better results, they are falling behind Microsoft and NineMSN. Why is it brilliant? 1. It taps into Australias Gambling habits. Bet you don’t know how much we like to gamble? Almost as much as we like to Gambol. 2. It encourages people to keep on searching, even after they find it. It’s like the crazy saying “It’s always the last place you look” – of course it’s in the last place you look – you don’t keep looking after you’ve found it! But they’ve trumped that. Keep searching, just to spin that dial. 3. It nicely uses the top 1/3 of the page for the promo. Great use of why-space. /wildly laughing sarcasm

Sydney Shared & Coworking Office Meetup: July 3

352 Kent St Sydney, Coworking Originally uploaded by bigmick ALERT: CHANGE OF ADDRESS Click here for the details – The Sydney Shared and Co-Working space is getting closer to a reality. We’ve looked at a couple of places and how it all works is coming together. The space will have a number of desks that small and growing tech businesses (or related) can rent on a monthly basis. There will also be some space, maybe a desk or two and some couches where people can drop in and work on an occasional day basis. So it’s a good time to get everyone who is interested together to see one of the options and to talk about it. Level 7 Thursday July 3rd 4-4.30 352 Kent St Sydney 4.30-5pm Shelbourne Hotel Cnr Sussex and Market After this, you can go straight onto Beer 2.0 Click the picture to see more images. RSVP below so we can all share the enthusiasm. Pass it on! UPDATE: Just to reiterate that this is about a shared office as well as a co-working space.

OT: Surpisingly Sydney

Train Map Sydney Originally uploaded by bigmick I’m looking for interesting, quirky, fun, different experiences in Sydney that you have done and loved that still exist. Could be………. A restaurant that services food on frisbees. An art gallery that only uses lollypops. A theatre that reenacts great battles. A park where you can see bats fighting possums. Let me know your story.

iPhone Email from Optus

Gmail – The iPhone you’ve been waiting for Originally uploaded by bigmick See the pic. No price. No plans. Come on!!

Social Filtering and the Wisdom of My Friends

img_5822 Originally uploaded by bigmick From the, ‘Hmmm?’ box, I was thinking about how the only Facebook application I still really use draws on the Wisdom of My Friends. It’s Visual Bookshelf. I record what books I’m reading and what books my friends are reading. And here is the social stuff – the wisdom of my friends….. When more than one of my friends reads the same book, it tells me. WHAM! It assumes, presumptuously of course, that I may be interested in those books. They are my friends, we have common interests (probably) so if two of them… Yeah, you get it. I love it. Simple aggregation of individual actions, when they’ve got enough scale, enough activity, then we get filtered gold. I get the books that I have a fairly good chance of liking. Might some good ones slip through because only one person read it? Yup, that’s the price you pay for finding goal in a big mountain of actions. So I was wondering, what other social filtering, wisdom of my friends we could apply to find that gold? * Travel – what places have all my friends been to? * Music, Movies, TV, etc – Last FM? * Products – GetSatisfaction could do that i guess? […]

Big Week Of Geek: Sydney

Big Toe eats his bedtime sweets. Originally uploaded by mwboeckmann There is a lot going on this week, here is a wrap up. Monday; SyXPAC – at Atlassian Tuesday: Bye Wednesday: Pubcamp Thursday: 100 Best Aussie Web Apps Apple Store Opens Drinks for web hobbits – at PJ O’Briens on corner of King and Clarence Google App Engine Talk Friday: “Every Friday Geek Drinks” – Shelbourne Hotel. Check the Australian IT Events Calendar for more info

Startup Sales and Marketing Planning Tool

Medieval Festival, Fort Tryon Park Originally uploaded by urbanshoregirl Just passed this on to Lingopal and thought that others might find it handy too. It’s just a simple tool to have a roadmap for the next 6 quarters of what the main things you’re doing. Whilst we all work in sprints (and fits) and everything is due tomorrow, it’s good to know the direction we’re going. It’s really for start-ups and small businesses. If you think you can improve it, great! Mick’s Startup Sales and Marketing Planning Tool You put your sales or acquisition goals in the top then put the % of conversion in and it will tell you roughly how many people you need to be ‘talking to’ to hit those numbers. Then you put in your activities that impact the sales and marketing. Key product launches, key events, campaigns, etc. Enjoy!

Australian iPhone Links (Updated)

Optus – Personal_Mobile – iphone? Originally uploaded by bigmick I couldn’t find these on the telco sites or through their search. Or even through Google. Had to rely on Twitter – the wisdom of my friends. Feel free to add any more links if you have them. Key Dates: * Apple Store Opens in Sydney – June 19, 2008 * iPhone available globally, probably including Australia – July 11th, 2008. Pricing (US) * 8GB – $199 * 16GB – $299 Apple Australia iPhone Page (Thanks Oliver) iPhone Australia Optus iPhone; Vodafone iPhone: I couldn’t find any….. Telstra iPhone: OH at Telstra “What’s an iPhone?”