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From the, ‘Hmmm?’ box, I was thinking about how the only Facebook application I still really use draws on the Wisdom of My Friends.

It’s Visual Bookshelf. I record what books I’m reading and what books my friends are reading.

And here is the social stuff – the wisdom of my friends…..

When more than one of my friends reads the same book, it tells me.


It assumes, presumptuously of course, that I may be interested in those books. They are my friends, we have common interests (probably) so if two of them…

Yeah, you get it.

I love it. Simple aggregation of individual actions, when they’ve got enough scale, enough activity, then we get filtered gold. I get the books that I have a fairly good chance of liking.

Might some good ones slip through because only one person read it? Yup, that’s the price you pay for finding goal in a big mountain of actions.

So I was wondering, what other social filtering, wisdom of my friends we could apply to find that gold?

* Travel – what places have all my friends been to?
* Music, Movies, TV, etc – Last FM?
* Products – GetSatisfaction could do that i guess?

Any flaws?

What if they read a book (movie, resort) and hated it? OK, needs a voting system of some kind. Thumbs up, thumbs down would do.

But I think there is more on offer here. A real wisdom, a real value creation filtering through social aggregation.

So, applying the wisdom of my friends in upon itself, I’m hoping we can work it out.

Any ideas?

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  1. Jeremy says:

    I think you’re onto something here. This is something that social network aggregators like PeopleBrowsr and FriendFeed could really harness. I think there’s also a lot of room for niche social network aggregators.

  2. Russell G says:

    I found a site like this for movies recently that looks promising:

    If you use it, let me know and we can connect as “buddies” and search with common interests. It also has some interesting features like seeing a list of movies that you rated highly but I haven’t seen yet, etc.

  3. Adam L says:

    Hey Mick, Adam L here from (the hub site behind the Visual Bookshelf). Thanks for the kind words, first off.

    We think this idea has a lot of promise and can be applied to a number of verticals (books, music, movies etc). I think the verticals this concept best applies to are those that people are already used to discussing with their friends (and sharing their respective recommendations).

    Adam L

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