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Australian Local Search Sux, But Why?

Mapping our communities: the local offer Originally uploaded by Tim G Davies So what do you use? To be honest, nothing really works well for me. I’ve tried them all… Yellow Pages True Local Dlook Google maps search. There is even a company trying to build a solution out of it from the top down; Nowwhere, ANZ – but it thinks my origin is New Zealand so not perfect. Some restaurant guides do OK, but there is definitely no clear winner. I’ve found recently that I go to Google Maps and start there. At least it seems to try and keep the results ‘inside the frame’ of where I am. The Problems Seems like there is a big lag of leftovers from the Yellow Pages that no one can get over. I either get sponsored listings from people not in my area or I get normal listings of people not in my area. – Is Australia too small? – Are too few businesses actually online to build a good enough database? What do you use and why? What would make you use one?

More of the iTunes Walled Garden

More of the iTunes Walled Garden Originally uploaded by bigmick Tried to use Whrrl and got a ‘not in your backyard’ error. So I think this suggests that Apple is going to be an extension of the existing distribution model, not an innovative new approach to it. That’s a stretch from this error, but it shows Apple is not breaking barriers.

Xumii Blog is Born

Seconds after birth Originally uploaded by dhgoodman I just started working with Xumii and as a part of it, we launched their blog this morning. Very exciting. Why is it exciting? Well, it’s certainly not my first. I’m estimating that I’ve started more than 50 blogs in my life. Blogs are easier to prepare than hot breakfasts thanks to great tools like WordPress. But as opposed to hot breakfasts, blogs have life. They grow, they evolve, they meander. They intersect different people’s and company’s lives and they are the time capsule. (One of my first blog posts from 2003) So I always get a little excited with a new blog. Where is going to go? What is it going to look like in 5 years? Will it have a personality all it’s own? Funnily enough, today I ran into a guy that helped me build a content management system back in 1998. It had parent child relationships and we eventually opened it up for multiple authors to write news publicly. It was basically a blogging platform, but we didn’t know it at the time. We (stupidly) thought it was a news story writer and when we stopped doing news, we let it go. I love what blogs have brought to […]

OT: Cat Opens 847 Tabs

My Cat Sat On My Mac And Opened 847 Tabs Originally uploaded by bigmick I came back to my laptop last night to find my cat perched upon it. I started closing tabs, and then decided to close Firefox instead. 847 tabs. And it didn’t even crash! Nice one Mozilla. P.S. Where do I send my QA invoice?

Sydney Co-Working Space Update

A building site under water… Originally uploaded by Matt Seppings Hey everyone, quick update on what’s going on. We have been looking at two sites, one in the city and one in Riley St Darlinghurst. The city one is turning out to be too expensive and too big. Big is great if we can fill it but it puts a lot of pressure of the leasor if every thing goes rotten pear shaped. Riley St is a better size and price, but it’s probably not available until September. We’re working on it as fast as we can, but we don’t want to rush into it. More ideas, feedback, thoughts, anger – comment them here.

You know you’re a freelancer when…

Barista Trouble Originally uploaded by psd (or consultant or biz dev, sales or Pollenizer) …you have 5 cafe loyalty cards. Any more?

The Twelve Comms of My Week

Skype and 21 Discussions In A Week Originally uploaded by bigmick This pic is a sign of my fragmented week….. My comms for the week is starting to sound like a Christmas Carol… 124 Emails 111 Tweets 102 Real chats 99 Blog posts 82 Podcasts 76 Forums 61 Confluence pages 53 Jira issues 48 Briefs 32 Mock ups 21 Skype conversations 17 (i)Phone calls and a Skitch Sketch of a Po-lly (my kitten)

Oh iPhone, How I Love Thee

My New Love – 16gb Apple iPhone Originally uploaded by bigmick Dear Karen my wonderful wife, It is with much regret that I must say that I have another love in my life. She’s very young and slim, although that’s not why I love her. She’s size 16, so much of her to love and boy can she eat bytes. She’s white, although I must say I was looking for a more darker love (you take what you can get…) She is great with navigation. I touched her (gently) and she told me exactly where we were. She’s great at communication – we talk, we chat, we email, we share pictures. She does nag me a bit with reminders and a calendar, but that’s ok. And she only costs me $150 a month and after twelve months she’s ok with me upgrading. Of course there is enough love in my life to share between you and Ellie iPhone. Much love, Mick SENT VIA ELLIE IPHONE

5 Seconds Till iPhone 3G Launch Optus Sydney

5 Seconds Till iPhone 3G Launch Optus Sydney Originally uploaded by bigmick Some photos from me if you click this one. There were 500 people at midnight. Crazy.

Optus Pushing Midnight iPhones

Gmail – Get Ready. IPhone 3G is coming 11 July. Originally uploaded by bigmick This is the email I just got from Optus. I can turn up at Midnight and get my phone! I’m there! Click the image to see the full email.