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How I Resurrected My Dead iPhone

my dead iphone Originally uploaded by bigmick I’ve had a few crashes during syncing but it always fixed itself. Today it didn’t. I just kept getting the white Apple logo and no progress swhirl and no reboot. I tried the ‘so called’ hard resetting of holding down power and the main button and it would blink off, but when I hit power again, all I’d get is the FUAL – frustratingly useless Apple Logo. Ian Lyons, the Cool Hunter Herder came to my rescue with personalised service. A quick call and we did this; 1. Hard shut down – hold power and front button. 2. Hold down front button while you plug in your USB cable. 3. You get a nice image of USB and iTunes on phone. 4. iTunes starts and says ‘You’re screwed – restore?’ 5. Hit yes, and then go play a few games of chess while it restores. Thanks to Twitter land for your support during this difficult time. UPDATE: It has just finished restoring and is now reloading my backed up data. Thumbs crossed!

Big Officially Friday

Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites Originally uploaded by jazmyn Who’s up for Officially Friday this Friday? If we can get 20 people attending, we can get the second level all to ourselves and have some more space and not as much yelling to talk. If we get 20 people, Pollenizer will shout pizzas! LINK FIXED: RSVP here for Officially Friday

Bricks -> Online -> Mobile

North Sydney Store Moves Online Originally uploaded by bigmick Saw this sign the other day and made me think about the innovators lag. This store is moving online just as more of my work with Pollenizer is moving onto mobile. Web is still big and I spend more time off-line than on (although some days that may not be true), but mobile is the growing bud. I expect @mpesce and @oliverw to say “Um, yeah, derrr!” But what about you? Are you MoMobile yet? Are you stilling wearing in your online shoes? Or do you love the tangible feel of a newspaper and the crisp sound of a vinyl record?


FITSBAD Posse Originally uploaded by bigmick Friday drinks was just fabulous last Friday. If you didn’t come, you missed out. * Great people about 15 all up. * Free pizzas from Tjoos and Kate C. * Solid tech talk. * Met some good new people – Richard and Ian. * A tiny kangaroo that likes beer and vodka. * Olympics in the background. What we need now is a weekly sponsor? So who’s up first. $100 get’s you lots of twitter and blog promotion and even more Kudos in the community. Do we need a blog/website for this? Or a Facebook group? Or should we just make turn beer 2.0 in this this event?

What’s Mick Working On?

Kitten Eating Soccer Players Originally uploaded by bigmick Just a quick update for anyone who cares (hi mum!) about what I’m working on right now. 1. 3eep – product refinements, advertising testing, community grassrooting (is that a word, is it clean?) for Sportspassion and periscope up (i.e. how are we traveling?). 2. Lingopal – finishing touches on beta. 3. Getprice – registered user dreaming, community building. 4. Xumii Mobile – firmly in the trenches and preparing for the big push, also doing some UI work with Oliver and some sweet community grinding with Kristie 5. Project X Y and Z – shhhhh. 6. Goalsy – dabbling in finishing touches. Coming soon, hopefully. 7. Start conference – ticking along (slowly). 8 Friday drinks – new ideas to kick off. 9. Pollenizing – the big stuff, the team stuff, the new stuff. All great stuff. 10. Watching the Olympics with Karen and Polly (the cat on the right). Loving Aussie Olympics coverage, nominate/vote for it here. 11. (BONUS) – coworking – the space is locked in, now we just need the truck from Ikea and Howards World of Storage to arrive (October?)

OT: Weird Google Ad in Gmail

Gmail adwords skepsi Originally uploaded by bigmick Check out this ad. Is that hex codes? I guess when you’re putting out 10 billion ads some are going to screw up. While we’re (sort of) on the topic, is anyone using the following advertising systems and can share their experiences? * Yahoo Publisher * Open Ads * Open X * AdMob And is online community management the next SEO sub-industry? Hmmmm……. OK, You can tell that I’m busy and combining a few tweets into a blog post, but hey…..

Space for Digital Community Managers

WTF am i doing on myspace? Originally uploaded by striatic One of the most important things a company can have in developing a new application, whether it is social or not, is a community manager. It’s someone who represents the customer (or user if your afraid) in development and design discussions, someone who looks after them and someone who IS one of them. It’s a tough role. You have to be mature, balanced, extroverted, open, honest but positive, you have to evolve with the product and the community, you have to delegate to the community and you have to understand the business imperative. I’ve worked with a few great ones. Dekrazee1 from Tangler, Mishy from Sports Passion and Rowan at Kazaa. But they are rare and valuable like diamonds that lay diamond eggs. (Interestingly they are all females with strong will but big hearts. Has anyone looked at the personality of great community managers.) Whilst they are rare, I’m working with a new crew of community managers now. Lauren from Xumii, Chris from Getprice and Jean from Lingopal. To help them, and the hundreds (I hope) of others out there, I set up a Friend Feed room for Digital Community Managers to collect useful, interesting links and info and share […]

Mobile Killed The Desktop Star

IMGP0512_lzn Originally uploaded by iron fillings So I now use about 10 times more apps on my iPhone than I did even on my HTC smart phone. And it go me thinking….. If I plug the iPhone into a monitor and have basic spreadsheeting, word processing and presentation tools, then why do I need my desktop? My email, calendar, task list, research, reading and most of my communicating (and more coming) is done via a browser. Is this ‘derrr Mick, of course!’ or “No, there’s always going to be room for the desktop” If you’re going to Sydney Mobile Monday tonight, then throw some ice at me and let’s fight it out. (I’ll be disappointed if no one throws any.)