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So I now use about 10 times more apps on my iPhone than I did even on my HTC smart phone. And it go me thinking…..

If I plug the iPhone into a monitor and have basic spreadsheeting, word processing and presentation tools, then why do I need my desktop?

My email, calendar, task list, research, reading and most of my communicating (and more coming) is done via a browser.

Is this ‘derrr Mick, of course!’


“No, there’s always going to be room for the desktop”

If you’re going to Sydney Mobile Monday tonight, then throw some ice at me and let’s fight it out. (I’ll be disappointed if no one throws any.)

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  1. Charlie says:

    I think you’re onto something here. I have high hopes for the techcrunch tablet as well. I’ve thought for a while that we’re all basically going to end up with one or two devices. That day is almost here. I own a Sony Reader and I can already see that the iPhone has sort of made that redundant.

  2. Ross Hill says:

    This is indeed ‘derrr Mick, of course!’

    You can already get a sense of what is possible by using VNC or Remote Desktop Connect or Remote to remote control other screens – what you’re talking about is the logical and mass-scale expansion of that.

    Think of apps like too. You can stream your media in from the web… (then share it on your TV).

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