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Shift + Home

I’m back from 2 weeks working overseas and 2 weeks holidays. Had an amazing time and will be back blogging at full pace soon. I miss all my geek pals and geek projects and am fully charged and ready to get back into it. More news shortly.

I’m Using In Flight Internet Right Now

in flight internet Originally uploaded by bigmick The World Just Changed Wow!!!! I’m on board next to a Six Apart guy and he pulls out this brochure from the seat folder thing and it says; Wi-fi with Wings – Gogo “WHAT???” “Inflight Internet” “No way!!!” So for $12.95, I’m blogging from the clouds between San Francisco and New York. It’s only some planes right now, but wow. And you need to make sure you get to Fry’s and buy a cigarette lighter power adapter. Money very very well spent. Imagine how quickly a flight would go if you could play Warcraft. The company is called Gogo Inflight Amazing. Speed is ok, easy to sign up, working well.

Good Guide, Great Product

good guide – no iphone? Originally uploaded by bigmick Good Guide launched a few minutes ago and it’s amazing. They research thousands of products and you can search to see if they are good or evil from an environmental, community, responsibility, niceness point of view. Wow. Very relevant (in many ways) And the product seems very good. Easy to understand, easy to navigate, simple. Couple of things I noticed though; * The join drop down was a bit of over engineering. Just give me two links. * After I click to join, put the info in the sidebar. I’ve already decided to join, don’t make me hunt for it. * The site is a little slow. Maybe it’s TechCrunch50 chasm coming. Nice work.

Roelof Botha Preaches Focus

Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen – Safety Pin Originally uploaded by Marshall Astor – Food Pornographer The panel format here at TechCrunch 50 #tc50 is really useful. You get to see a good demo, then here smart, experienced people deconstruct it. There has been a lot of new leanings and a lot of validation of things we’ve been learning working with our very good looking clients at Pollenizer. Everyone knows my love and perhaps obsession with focus, so I really liked the way that Roelof Botha from Sequoia put it, and I’m paraphrasing badly here; ‘You have to absolutely focus on a very small feature that adds massive value to a very focused small group, and grow from there.” Adding to this is the sentiment that you can’t compete with the big guys or those supported by a developer network and win by the number of your features. Your one, key focused chunk of value needs to be so useful that people will crawl across broken glass to get it. If they are saying they are not using it because of a missing small feature, chances are that the value is just not high enough. Entrepreneurs tend to overstate just how much value their products create for people. I […]

Boyd, Kaplan, Saad Wisdoms

BRT_2873 Originally uploaded by Bryan Thatcher Great dinner last night in San Francisco with some good tech people. Great wine, great Thai (Basil on Folsom) and great talk. Dan Kaplan was there (in real life for the first time) and gave some to-the-point insights. I get the feeling that he’s cooking up something interesting. Chris Saad was waxing lyrical about Particls adventures, Engagd launches and data portability possible (near term) futures. Stowe Boyd was offering dish after dish of wisdom, as hoped. He’s been doing some work that is pretty similar to some of the work that Pollenizer is doing, so it was interesting to hear what he’d learned. The primary challenge of any startup? * Great people? * Enough money? * Brilliant idea? * Enough time? * The right timing? * Persistently impressive execution? * A bit of luck? In reality, it needs all of these things at different doses, at different times. Stowe highlighted that being seriously involved in doing something like this required a full on commitment over an extended period of time. Otherwise your just a supporting actor. And that’s OK, but you’re can’t mistake yourself for a lead actor, otherwise you’ll suck worse than Kevin Costner in Water World (sorry, it’s on the background on […]

Mission San Francisco

big ugly sunglasses Originally uploaded by bigmick Yes, Phil is right, I am chomping up San Francisco. OK, I’ve only been here a few hours, but already a few big ticks. Buy some big ugly $15 sunglasses (it’s California!) – Tick! Drop into Citizen Agency – Tick! Get some hugs – Tick! Eat enough Mexican food to make up for a 11 months absence – Tick! Watch some Latin American soccer on TV (I love the commentators) – Tick! On fire! And my other goals? Cause a Chris Saad swarm Get sworn at by Stowe Boyd Give Tyler Crowley a high 5 Buy Brian Caldwell a beer Have Marty Wells buy me a beer Drink terrible coffee every day (easy) See 5 new technologies that make me go wow Meet 5 new people that make me go wow Cheer for Peoplebrowsr Get a “Miiiiiiiiiiiick” from Ash Damle from Medgle Cheer Xumii on at DEMO See where the Pollenizer clients fit in the market See where Pollenizer fits in the market See where I fit in the market Collect ideas for the co-working space And much more…. Best get started. P.S. I’m staying at 3rd and Folsom if anyone is in the area and keen to geek it up.

Sydney Coworking Update: Slothness

Sloth in the Amazon Originally uploaded by Praziquantel Very quick update on the very slow progress. The space we’re looking at apparently didn’t meet power regulations and weeks have been wasted in the testing, thinking, arse scratching, waiting, thinking, fixing, etc. (Apparently most of the power issues were due to having to support Ian Gardiner’s hair dryer!) After the power is sorted out we can throw some desks in and move in. They’ll (hopefully) be able to build the meeting rooms around us. Sucks that it’s taking a long time, but most of it is out of our hands and we are feeling the pain too. If you’ve lost interest, let me know. If you’re newly interested, let me know. We have an option to grab another 15 desks, so if we’re all still pumped, then we might be able to crank it up further. P.S. If you’d like to hit me over the back of the head for the delays, please feel free to join us at the Grace Hotel at 5.30. Corner of King and York St Sydney. Look for the little Kangaroo!

Mick in San Francisco, New York and Barcelona

Barcelona Sagrada Familia Originally uploaded by Wolfgang Staudt I’m taking off this Saturday. I’m heading for TechCrunch 50 in San Francisco, some work in New York, some work in Barcelona and some not-work in the rest of Spain and maybe Andorra. Mick’s Trip If you’re near here, let me know.

503 Service Unavailable – Is techcrunch down?

503 Service Unavailable – Is techcrunch down? Originally uploaded by bigmick Is it just me, or did TechCrunch just go down?

Are you Optimisitic or Pessimistic?

Caution: Beware of Descending Boom Originally uploaded by bigmick I saw this sign on a boom gate today and was struck – not by the boom gate – but by the fact that all is going really well at the moment but there is a foreboding sense of ill to come. So how do you feel? Tell me! My overview is that Pollenizer is doing well after eight months, I’m enjoying working with the team, loving my clients and learning lots. Plus there seems to be loads of more good work to do – in fact no end in sight. But…… Sub-prime loans lead to sub-prime finance markets lead to sub-prime economies leads to sub-prime investment in technology companies leads to sub-prime Mick. Banks closing. Recessions forecast. Consumer confidence dropping. Is it all going to come to a crashing end? I hope not. And I get the feeling even if it does it’s not going to be that bad. How are you feeling? What’s the next two years like? Good or bad? ( surveys) Or if you want to ramble (see above) feel free to dump in the comments.