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OT: I Love The Internet

I had a magic moment and thought I’d share it. I use Flickr Fan by Dave Winer to get photo feeds from AP and Alliance France Media. It sends to my desktop and screensaver amazing pics from media photographers around the world within 15 minutes of them being uploaded. It’ amazing. You can see events unfolding as the day wears on. A picture of Barrack Obama came up on my screen this morning and I noticed he had a cool watch. So I Google searched “what watch does Barack Obama wear?”. I got wiki answers, Yahoo answers and then the right answer. It showed a pic of him wearing the watch I’d seen and learned that it is a watch provided by the Secret Service. So cool! I love all the seemingly small value things that came together to bring me this “Sweet” moment. 1. RSS Feed from AP. 2. Feed tool from OPML. 3. Dynamic desktop. 4. Google search being fast. 5. Easy web publishing. 6. Image access. I Love The Internet!

Startups: Accept Change and Don’t Make Excuses

Startup Options For 2009 Originally uploaded by bigmick There is lots of talk about VC’s being the bringers of doom for startups, self-fulfilling prophecies and money falling off the planet. My brief take on it is that things have changed. Not terribly much, but terribly. We’ve gone from a growing market to a not growing very much at all market. What does that mean? Things are going to be a bit harder now. What things? Most things. * Raising money – not much loose cash around and VC’s can be pickier. * Getting sales – less investment for growth. However, if your product is about reducing risk or reducing costs and the return is clear and short, then you may find it a good market. That being said, most budgets are tightened which , makes things harder. * Hiring good people – when optimism is down, people are less likely to take risks on your band of merry startupers and come with you on a perilous journey. * Being optimistic – it is one of the roles of the entrepreneur and it’s now harder. It’s easier to sing when theirs a choir. So what? Welcome to the job. If it was easy, then everyone would be doing it and you […]

How To Get People To Do Things Online

Carrot Cake Originally uploaded by rexipe I saw the email below in my inbox and realised a few times that morning I’d been talking to clients about how to encourage your customers/users/peeps to do things. How to get them to sign up, fill in their profile, add reviews, invite friends, etc. —– Dear Mick, From 1st – 31st October 2008 we’re giving away $1500 in entertainment vouchers from our friends at Strike Bowling Bar. A Strike Bowling voucher? What does that mean? That means you can shout your mates to quite a few games of ten pin at Sydney’s finest indoor bowling experience and put a hefty amount of money behind the bar to keep them happy all night long with food and drinks. They will love you forever! All you need to do is write a review to be in with a chance of winning. Up for grabs: x1 $500 voucher Awarded to the overall best review of the month. This will be judged across all categories. Review any business in any category. If the business you want to review isn’t in RAYV – simply add it! x1 $500 voucher Awarded to the overall best review of the month in the category of Active Life. For both of the […]