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How I Blog

fountain pen.JPG Originally uploaded by Bright Meadow Laurel asked a great question which I’ve answered many times one-on-one over the years but never blogged. How do I blog? Well, there is 99 ways to skin a cat and more to blog. But here are my normal blogging methods. The Wit This one comes out of the blue, hits me quickly and I blog it before I’ve thought about it. No spell check, no research – right off the top of my head. It’s hit rate is about 20%, which means that most of the time no one sees it, comments or cares. But you don’t mind since it’s also just recording your thoughts and it didn’t take much time. Sometimes you hit gold, which for a blogger means a reasonably large group of people care about it. This happened to me with Ginger Kids which was a post from an email I got which took me about 10 seconds. It’s been going for four years, has over 1,000 comments (which are getting quite rude by the way) and was ranked number 1 in Google for a Ginger Kids search before the South Park episode came out. It’s not a grand claim to fame, but I created it and it’s my […]