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QANTAS Club Poor Service

QANTAS Boeing 747SP, Wellington, 1981 Originally uploaded by PhillipC Last week when I was flying to Brisbane I tried to access the Qantas club of which I am a paying member. I was denied. My client had booked a Virgin flight (startups saving money, which is good to see). It gave me the shits. It’s not a perk you get as a part of your ticket. I pay for it and it’s not cheap. Also, the cost to them is minimal. A cup of coffee, a danish and some power. If I got in normally due to my frequent flyer status, then I understand since it’s a loyalty thing and I’m not flying loyally. (But even then I think it’s dumb, it just forces people to the Virgin lounge). Bad brand building to say the least. So I wrote them an email. “Hi, I don’t fly enough to get free access but I value the benefits when I do and so I pay for QC membership. Recently on a work trip my client booked me via Virgin Blue, even though I’d prefer to go Qantas. For the second time in a year I tried to access the lounge in Sydney but was denied access. I can understand that you prefer […]

Why Isn’t Mick Blogging?

Dual Screen wallpaper Originally uploaded by bigmick I haven’t blogged here for ages. But I am blogging. I’m just doing more of it on the Pollenizer blog then here. Personal experiences and non-Pollenizer quarterly board committee unanimous triplicate approved posts will still go here. But, in way of a quick update on what I’m doing right now…. * Out of my skin excited about 2009 for Pollenizer, me, the web and mobile worlds, the Sydney web community and most things in general. * Loving the momentum of Mogeneration and the amazing work of Tom and Keith. * Working on some hawt projects that are wonderfully challenging and filled to the brim with good people such as Photo Art Gallery, Lingopal, Messmo, Mixin and a few that are under the radar right now. * Smiling broadly over summer in Sydney with Sydney festival, surfing and warmness (although I hate sleeping in this heat….). * Looking forward to opening the new Pollenizer office which is Sydney’s hottest new co-working space. Wow. Back to it!