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Put the Oh in Enterprise 2.0

Morning Exercise Video Originally uploaded by Tavallai Q. What do you get if you cross a mental aerobics class with the hefty world of enterprise business without the need to get on a plane? A. The Enterprise 2.0 Forum Great news is that it’s on again. Tuesday, February 24. 8.30 to 2pm Luna Park, Sydney I’ll be there again to hear the live feeds from the USA and UK. At Pollenizer we are definitely doing a lot more enterprise work, which is great. I’m enjoying the challenge of convincing risk-averse corporate types to be brave. What we’re seeing now is that the cost of NOT being open and collaborative is worse than the risk of doing it and getting it wrong. So it’s going to be a very big year in this space. The think I like about this conference is that it’s not quite a Barcamp and definitely not your average, boring conference. For starters there is plenty of wifi – which is great, and most Australian conferences don’t think about it. Ross also makes sure that there are tags so the Twitterverse and flickr pics can be herded. There is also mini-open-workshop sessions where you gather around big round tables and yell and scream at each other about […]