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CleanFeed, Censoring and Burning Books

fahrenheit burn Originally uploaded by mrtwism It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog, but this issue is crucial. Elias has written a great post about the Internet Filtering issue here in Australia and I wanted to have my say. Summary – In an effort to protect the Australian youth from potentially harmful information and material on the Internet, the Australian government is proposing to filter all information at the ISP level and decide what gets through. In an effort to understand the argument from both sides, I can see how this would appear to be a good solution. There are sites out there with offensive material that I wouldn’t want my children, or anyone probably, to see. Only showing approved material would reduce that risk dramatically and the ISP’s are the ‘junction box’. So I see how a busy politician can sign this off as a nice, clean, quick fix. But it would be a bad fix. A disastrous fix. A fix that heads us down a very dangerous path that will not even work. Here are my reasons. 1. You can’t filter the Internet. The Internet is not a finite set of media. It’s unlimited. It’s pervasive. You can’t effectively filter it and trying to just […]