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Want more hours in the day

The best way to get more hours in the day is to say no to things that aren’t important. Especially those things that are just urgent. Nothing proactive will ever happen out of email inbox time or TV time.

Knowledge Commercialisation Australia event – live blogging

Doron Ben-Meir from Commercialisation Austalia Funding – connect people through to commercial capital or growth. Expert network – started with individuals but is now becoming companies like IBM, P&G who are getting partnership value out of it. Tech – 42% manuf, 12% bio, 33% software, 13% hardware. Who they sell to – targetting health and medical ($50m), biz and comms ($32m), Mining $25m. You can do development work funded by CA as long as their is a commercial entity on the other side that wants that development. Ashish Mitra – Endoluminal Sciences Spinoff from Stanford. Very complicated data basically saying that devices leak and people die. They fix it… Ahh, now we have a story – Martin the cardiologist with real patients who will die in two years. Wow, talk about serious problem solver. Curtin Uni 7 companies have accessed CommAust with a total of $6.8m. Only Posse, of all the companies I’ve been involved with have received any funding. Clearly we are doing something wrong. Perth events; OzApp – $100k investment as prize money Panel; Doron – how did you get the IP out of Standord? Ashish – “Intimate relationship with the IP team and the students.” Audience question: “Why are you in Australia?” Ashish – “The R&D offset […]

Tim Ferriss in Sydney: Live Blogging

OK, I have 13% power left, so lets see how far we go… I’m with Steve Fanale about to watch Tim tell us we are all working hard not smart… Tim is experimenting with us. Testing the impossibles. 13 questions for lifestyle design. be different. Blog  tuesday Thursday Saturday 7am and 6pms   prime toolkit   100 true fans kevin kelly   makers schedule managers schedule   books magic of thinking big effective exec 22 immutable laws of mmarketing secreta of power negotiating letters from stoic Do the opposite for 24 hours me: go to corporates for startups. Target older people. What do I spend some money on? Look at bank statements. what if I had 10m? (hmm. All this is from the book… Was hoping for something new)   go read the book…

DigitalSummit Live Blog

I’m at Telstra digital summit in Melbourne. @briansolis is talking about the future of business. Mobile isn’t second screen for young generation. It’s the first screen and sometimes only screen. Change is more likely to come from a different industry than a direct competitor. You may also be disrupted in the process, not the whole process.

Integrity is not a heroic event, it’s a thousand tiny opportunities

I just thought about this today when confronted with a situation I could easily ignore. It’s going to take a little bit of courage but I’m going to try and push it. I don’t always succeed. Not because I’m dishonest or lie, but because it’s emotionally hard and the impact might be tiny. But it’s important. I’m going to try harder.

AngelEd Sydney – Liveblogging

I’m at Innovation Bay and Pushstart’s AngelEd event. And here are my notes. Sponsored by Deloitte, Macquarie and Deutsch Miller. Bill Bartee and Angel Numbers – SXVP, Blackbird US Numbers $20B US angels 60,000 companies 258,000 active angels Size $10-$100k $1,000k in Dropbox 39150% growth (is that diluted Bill?) Be careful with follow on funding, it typically results in a loss. (Interesting, I thought moneyball for Angels said follow on funding is where it’s at.) Read Halo report – kauffman and SV Bank Important considerations Team, expertise, market Team chemistry is good. Authentic connection to the business and passion Deal structure and valuations are important. If you are going to angel invest, do it properly. Look at lots of deals. Lost of DD.  Andrey Shirben – SydVentures  Team Highly motivated, hungry Experience is overrated. More companies fail due to lack of marketing than lack of product. Be careful of hockey sticks Solutions to non-problems Viral – doesn’t happen. Don’t be scared of; young Tech risk Lack of short term revenue Alison Deans – Netus Only two businesses lost all their money. Copying a business doesn’t mean you understand all the IP. Selection of Investment Am I likely to get to 5x in 5 years. Don’t just trust your gut, find […]