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Serious Startup Excitement

Yesterday I met 24 of the shortlisted Startmate companies for an interview. I took them all for a walk (to stretch their legs and keep me fit). Some notes; A lot of people on their 2nd or 3rd business. A lot of people with good networks. Some crazy big ambitions. Lots of passion. Balanced teams of biz and tech. This is while I’m going through 200 muru-D applications. Wow, the ecosystem here is growing at a healthy pace. How awesome is that! Here is a quick video of some of the startups I chatted to:

Focused Startup Canvas

I’ve always thought that the Lean Startup Canvas by Ash was missing something. So I hacked together a quick version that I’ve tried about 10 times and feel gives me a greater grip of a startup is doing and the potential. This is a bit more focused on evaluating an existing idea but I still think it’s useful in brainstorming new ones. Things I’ve changed; I make it build from top left to bottom right. I find it easier to flow that way. I put the customer first. Too many startups have an idea but no customer. I’ve added team to know who is doing this. I’ve added traction to show how you’re going. I want to see what you think you should do next. I want to know how big it can be. I want to know if you know what the assumptions are. Please give it a try and let me know what you think; Note: This is public, so please make a copy.  Focused Startup Canvas