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Here are some good posts on driving global sales of tech companies:

Getting to No
When you’re early on, you’ll get lots of people keen to have a chat and hear more. This can be good for feedback, but for actual sales, at some point you need to ask the question. This is why I like breaking up my initial target market into two groups. Group A for research, where you ask lots of questions, get lots of feedback and admit all of your weaknesses and your alpha stage. Group B is for selling (or at least testing selling) where you put offers to them, try and get the sale. Don’t get feedback, be tough, set a high price.

Customer Acquisition
This will help you really understand life time customer value and customer acquisition costs. Great detail and numbers in here. There is no avoiding this. It’s just plain hard work in spreadsheets and doing it over and over and over.

KPI Dashboard for SaaS businesses
More great detail here and an actual spreadsheet to start you off. It is really worth spending time to understand why these numbers matter now and in the future. This is the real substance of a working startup.

Cohort Analysis
Getting it right is a lot about correct measuring. Each time you try something new (and you need to make sure it’s one main thing so that you really know what is working and what isn’t) then put those customers you acquire into one group and measure them all the way through. This won’t make the fog go away but it will make it easier to navigate. Product Market Fit is more about simplicity then it is about more features.

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