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2014. That is the year, and that is my goal for Sydstart.

2014 attendees.



I gave one of the first talks at the first Sydstart way back in 2008 when there was 50 people in a free room at the Australian Technology Park. I’ll always remember the words on the website.

“It’s time we put a rocket under the startup industry here.”

This year is at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and we want it filled with energy and entrepreurs and geeks and hackers and hustlers and robots and ninjas and pirates.

What you’ll get out of going:

  1. A day immersed in tech startups.
  2. You will see more than 50 new tech companies you never knew existed.
  3. You will meet more than 50 people who have energy, ambition and are kindred spirits.
  4. You will learn at least 10 new things.
  5. You will get introduced to at least 5 new products that you will try and love.
  6. You will be amazed at how big and exciting the Australian technology industry actually is.
  7. You will hear at least 5 things which will make you laugh.
  8. You will see at least 10 tee-shirts with cryptic messages that initially you don’t understand but then laugh at a few seconds later.
  9. You will get back to work the next day moving faster and being more focused.
  10. You will remember the day for the entire next year and know how exciting it was.

Buy Your Ticket To Sydstart Now

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