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Turning an Internship into a Career

Guest post by Paula How to turn an internship into a career It’s no secret that internships can be the best way to get your foot in the door. The job market for graduates is becoming increasingly competitive, and the best way to get noticed is to be 22 years old and have 25 years of experience under your belt.   And although it’s hard to get excited about the prospect of unpaid work, especially in return for just a reference, your internship can be the start of an incredible career if you go about it the right way.   1. Learn to network The most valuable thing you’ll get out of any role, whether you’re an intern or a CEO, is the people you’ll meet along the way. You’ll meet people that inspire and motivate you, as well as people that teach you valuable lessons. You’ll probably also meet people you don’t work well with, which will be a lesson on its own in that you’ll have to exercise adaptability and tolerance.   Your internship is essentially the starting point of your professional network that will continuously grow, so take advantage of it while you can.   If you haven’t got a LinkedIn, sign up now. It may seem […]