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Hi, I specialize in product focus.

  • Find the the right first customer to focus on
  • Find the most focused first product to build for them
  • Find the most focused test to get it out there fast as possible

Past Roles

My claim to fame is that I ran marketing and business development for Kazaa, launching Version 2 and working with an amazing team to make it the most downloaded application in history – over 200 Million Downloads.

Proud co-founder of Pollenizer with Phil Morle.

Tangler CMO
Zapr – CMO.
IBM – Direct Marketing.
Virgin Interactive – Marketing and Media.
MassMedia – Marketing and Business Development Manager
eCoast – Managing Director
Dynamic Realm – Product Development.

Find me here:

One Comment so far:

  1. Lee Burgess says:

    Startup model in Charlotte… missing the killer app position. My background is engineering and project management. The concept is my original thought. I know it blends a lot of other items out there. I wanted to build a simple site with a complex database system for collecting behaviors in alcohol related movements and spending habits.

    Let me know your schedule and I’ll open my day for our conf. call.

    Thanks again… a friend recommended you. James Risler

    Lee Burgess

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