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Mike Cannon-Brookes
Mike Cannon-Brookes
Co-founder/Co-CEO – Atlassian

Mick is an absolute legend of the Australian startup scene. In Sydney, he is the gold standard for marketing and business advice with regards to your startup. On a world scale, I dare say he stacks up pretty damn well too.

His advice has helped many, many businesses – including my own. On quite a number of occasions his pearls of wisdom dropped over a coffee have forced me to go back and rethink how we do business. That’s true value.

Mick also gives freely to the local community and has been instrumental in a lot of the improvements to the Sydney startup scene. He organises events, attends events and generally ‘pollenizes’ the scene by making connections. Australia (and a lot of local startups) owe him a huge debt of gratitude for his work there.

Beyond the professional – he’s just a top bloke, great value and well worth a beer. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough.


Justus Hammer
Justus Hammer
Online Entrepreneur, Advisor and Investor

Mick has helped us to get our email strategy right and has been of great help to focus us on our main goals as well giving us directions regarding webdesign and improving user experience.

Phil Morle
Co-Founder and CEO of Pollenizer Global

This is an impossible recommendation to write because my respect and admiration for Mick is more than I can put into words. If Mick asked me to jump off a tall building I would have every confidence that a huge inflatable cushion would appear in time to ease me to the ground. I am very lucky to have an opportunity in my life to run a business with him. I am totally loving it.


Dean McEvoy
Technology Investor, Startup Guy – 2 exits (One to Yahoo!7 for $40M) plus 1 learning experience.

Always adding value. To the conversation or your business, great, trusted colleague and connected to the pulse of the Australian and US Internet community. Great to have on your team.

Jason Neave
MD, The Distillery, and founder of social sportsbetting startup PuntClub.com

Mick and the gang at Pollenizer helped us out with our (sometimes challenging!) Punt Club startup and navigated the various challenges and opportunities with a valuable mixture of honesty, insight and focus. We hope to keep working with Mick and his team well into the future.

Eduardo Chavez
Digital Program Manager at Medtronic

Mick is an incredibly talented thinker with fantastic first-hand experience in growing startups. He is a fast, focused and clear thinker that adds value to any startup project. So if you are thinking about setting a startup, Mick should be your first point of call. What’s more, he is a lot of fun to work with!


Gareth Rose
Entrepreneur – looking for a new opportunity

I’ve seen Mick speak a few times now and each time I’ve been exceptionally impressed by his energy, knowledge and ability to capture the audience. With his extensive experience in the tech, startup and entrepreneurial space Mick is both inspiring and informative to anyone given the opportunity to hear him. I’ve happily invited Mick to speak at one of our events earlier.

Rachel Cook
Entrepreneur – Bonfire, SKYE & staghorn, Cook Group

Mick has an astute understanding of the Internet and how mechanisms can amplify a great idea. He is an asset to any business, particularly with the art of scale and consumer behavior. If I was rolling in it, he would be someone I would think of to do business with ASAP. He translates his knowledge into passion for what he does and this is firmly evident in his speaking.

Pete Cooper
Director, Advanced Analytics Institute (UTS:AAi) at UTS: University of Technology, Sydney

Mick (or Mr ‘Focus Focus Focus’ as we like to call him) spoke at our professional startup event ‘SydStart’ and was voted one of the best speakers for that event. I have known Mick for a few years now and respect him greatly as a speaker, technology professional, entrepreneur, entrepreneur enabler and one of the good guys building the startup community. Cheers, Pete.

Oliver Weidlich
Oliver Weidlich
Founder & Director of Design & Innovation at Mobile Experience

Professional, polished, punctual, pleasant, purposeful = Prefect Presenter

David Kowalski
David Kowalski
Looking for great entrepreneurs

The first time I saw Mick infront of a crowd was at a start-up event where he described the importance of ‘focus’ in a new business.. Turns out to be one of his favorite topics!

He engaged the audience with his energy, humor and words and soon had them nodding and shaking their heads at all the right times. He should spend more time infront of a crowd teaching, motivating and inspiring them.

Truly very natural.

Graham Dawson
Software Entrepreneur

Mick speaks with directness and passion, drawing on a wealth of highly relevant experience. An excellent straight-talker.

Phaedon Stough
Phaedon Stough
Founder at Mitchellake Group

I’ve seen Mick present a number of times, all have been impressive. He has a natural ability to connect with the audience and his knowledge on topics around innovation and entrepreneurship clearly position him as one of Australia’s thought leaders. Specifically his ability to talk to the importance of failure within entrepreneurial environments should be viewed as nothing but spectacular.

Cris Pearson
Inventor, Co-Founder, CEO at Skitch

I saw Mick speak in Melbourne about the importance of Focus in your product or business.

What he covered helped me rethink aspects of my business.

And he talks about it in an entertaining way too. Boom!

Scott Handsaker
Scott Handsaker
Co-founder and CEO at Attendly

I attended a “start-up focus” workshop run by Mick and thought it was outstanding. Mick is a luminary of the Australian start up scene and has a wealth of knowledge to impart. Do yourself a favour and get along to his next gig – you won’t regret it.

Tony Faure
Tony Faure
Chairman at Pollenizer, SodaCard, Sound Alliance & Torque. Non-Exec Director at Private Media.

Mick is a terrific speaker. His passion drives him – the clarity of his thinking is obvious in his message. He’s infectiously positive, straight to the point, and really motivational. I really enjoy listening to him.

Elias Bizannes
A worker, a thinker, a builder.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mick for four years, and have spoken on panels with him as well as watched him speak. He has a rare skill of being entertaining due to his personality, yet also extremely insightful due to his vast experience. One of Australia’s veterans in information technology, I look forward to hearing about anything Mick has to say.

Brendan O'Kane
Brendan O’Kane
CEO, OtherLevels Inc

Mick possesses a rare combination of experience, business, technical and marketing skills which are of huge value in the startup space. If you want to learn how to build an early stage business, then grab some of his time, or be in the audience when he is next speaking.

Russ Weakley
Russ Weakley
Manager, Max Design

Mick has extensive experience in the world of startups. He has worked on the front line at places like Kazaa, Zapr, Tangler and Pollinizer. As co-founder of Pollinizer, he has helped numerous companies to build strategies to success. As a speaker, Mick is entertaining, engaging and relaxed on stage. His presentations are highly informative as Mick draws on his real-world experiences to explain processes and strategies. If you have not seen Mick speak, make sure you do!

Jacco Van Der Pol
Jacco Van Der Pol
Founder and Transformation Agent at TRANSF4RM

Mick’s clear presentation and communication style combined with his clear vision on technology start-up related matters make any of his Pollenizer workshops or presentations a must-attend for aspiring technology entrepreneurs and anyone who is interested in the technology start-up ecosystem.

Bart Jellema | b@rtje.net | LION
Founder at ZeroMail

The first time I saw Mick present was at CeBIT a few years ago and his presentation on ‘focus’ had a profound impact on how we ran our business and on our success. This year I helped organize BootUpCamp and we were fortunate to have Mick run a presentation and workshop on focus. Many of the participants picked Mick’s presentation as the most useful. Mick’s not only an engaging and entertaining speaker, but more importantly I believe that his talk on focus is a must for anyone who runs a business or holds a key position in a business.


Steven Noble
Founder & CEO, Testivate

Mick gives tirelessly to the Australian startup community — as a collaborator in business, and through the advice he freely provides over coffee, through his online publishing, and as MC of Pollenizer’s popular Growthtown events. Early-stage entrepreneurs across Australia are learning from Mick’s mantra of “focus”, and are building stronger businesses as a result.

Riges Younan
Business Development, Avature

Mick and the team at Pollenizer have been instrumental in assisting me to build two online businesses.

Mick’s mantra of “focus’ has helped me look at business from a different perspective and ‘focus’ is something I now also preach to my team. I highly recommend Mick and Pollenizer if you are looking at building a web based business.

Renai LeMay
Editor + Publisher at Delimiter

He has a great insight into the tech and start-up industries, and I have been very impressed by the innovative work and business model he has pioneered at Pollenizer.


Nick Gonios
Commercial Development | Board Member | Advisor | Online Ventures

Mick’s a top bloke 🙂 He shares similar traits with me – a passion for the growth of the web entrepreneurial ecosystem across Australia, says it how it is (not what you want to hear) and plenty of integrity.

I would recommend Mick for any web business consulting or advisory services for upcoming web companies or corporates considering web related ventures.


David Jones
Serial Founder

Mick and the Pollenizer team are “experience aggregators” – between them they have a wealth of knowledge is startup success and culture that just can’t be bought or read.
If you are bootstrapping, (whether you are experienced or not) – tapping into the vibrant stream of ideas and execution energy will compress your route to market and increase your awesomeness.


Rob Antulov
Rob Antulov
Media & Technology | Advisor | Executive | Entrepreneur

Mick = Focus. What higher recommendation can I give to someone who understands better than anyone how spreading resources thinly is likely to result in a larger number of activities all producing sub-optimal results. Mick asks tough questions – and keeps you on track to deliver the results you are aiming to achieve. And, he’s a great guy. Will look for ways to work with Mick.


Brad Howarth
Brad Howarth
Speaker, facilitator, moderator at Saxton Speakers Bureau

Mick and the lads at Pollenizer have done a top job in building some great Australian tech, which sits at the heart of many great start-ups. He’s also a top bloke and has given a lot back to the developer community.


Justin Barrie
Founder and Principal Consultant at Design Managers Australia

Mick started working with Perkler when we needed some ‘outside perspective’ on our product and business. We quickly realised he wasn’t content with an outsiders view as he immersed himself in the business and most importantly, it’s potential. His mantra of ‘focus’ has helped turn Perkler into a successful product at launch and we will continue to work with him.


Ilkka Tales
Ilkka Tales
Advisory Board Member at Pokitpal

Mick and I have been involved on a start up board since 2008. He is a leading advocate for the startup community with a strong list of credits to his name in this sector. He is highly regarded, articulate and commercially savvy. I have no hesitation in recommending Mick.


Michelle Rowan
Freelance Start Up Consultant

I’ve worked with Mick (aka the Focus King) on numerous occasions and I always find our quarterly business and product strategy workshops particularly engaging.

It’s always helpful to have a 3rd party engaged to guide a workshop with a clear format for refining decisions – especially when it comes to making those more challenging decisions about revenue streams.

Laurence Escalante
Founding Director & CEO, Virtual Gaming Worlds

Mick’s Pollenizer Bootcamp was an invaluable experience that drove home key lessons that are crucial to the success of any web startup, and provided a unique forum for us entrepreneurs to pitch, share and refine our strategies and business models. Highly recommended.


Jon Tyson
Jon Tyson
Co-Founder and CEO at Alphando

Mick contributes what seems like endless energy into the world of web startups. His ability to work with founders to take their idea and focus it into a workable marketable business is a rare talent. Mick is a master of the one pager and once a business has that and its pitch polished he can put them in front of the right people to move the business forward.


Roger Kermode
Roger Kermode
Chief Technologist and Strategist, Communications, Media, & Entertainment (South Pacific) at HP / Co-Founder Pushstart

I’ve observed Mick work with a number of startups and emerging companies over the past several years. His ability to distill that which is important from that which is not and to help startups focus on execution has gained wide recognition in the Australian and European startup communities. Having spent some time inside the Pollenizer Hive as a visitor its clear that he practices what he preaches so its no surprise to me that Pollenizer continues to grow from strength to strength. Anyone wanting to start a consumer facing technology business would be well served to have a couple of their 100 cups of coffee with Mick.


Brian Menzies
Brian Menzies
VP, Commercial Development at Vast Solar

I have known Mick for the last 2 and a half years, since I returned from Silicon Valley. Mick is a force in the Sydney tech startup community. A smart, energized, fun and down-to-earth guy who’s on a mission to build better technology businesses and strengthen the capabilities of Australian entrepreneurs. His presentation on ‘Focus’ was voted one of the most valuable talks at BootUp Camp and I refer back to his concepts at my own startup almost weekly.

Mick has strong and reasoned opinions on many startup development and marketing topics, but what he really cares about is moving a business forward towards success. If you are reading this because you are considering engaging Mick, then stop reading, call him. I can offer no better advice.

Things get done due to focus and businesses get focused due to Mick!

Joseph Renzi
Joseph Renzi
CEO, Managing Director, Founder at OurWishingWell.com, SwapAce.com, UniSwap.com.au, RecycleAustralia.org

Mick is extremely professional and exceeded the expectations of our team.

Mick knows his stuff, and is a great communicator. Mick has the ability to see the big picture and understand the finer details.

Mick is an expert in providing strategic guidance to businesses, and helping to create new and innovative solutions.

I can highly recommend Mick for any project.


Peter Gardiner
Head of Origination

Sound commercial accumen & specific digital knowledge are Mick’s key strengths. Add in he’s a good listener, has bucket loads of energy & sound values and you will be forming an accurate picture of Mick.


Neerav Bhatt
Technical Support Officer (Tyree Energy Technologies) at University of New South Wales

Many businesses have names which mean nothing but Pollenizer accurately reflects the bee-like approach Mick and his team take in connecting entrepreneurs who have a great idea with people who have funds to invest and expertise in helping companies grow


alan jones
Chief Hindsight Officer at The New Agency

Mick was kind enough to spin out some of his overflow work to me early in the life of Pollenizer and then worked hard to find ways to bring me closer into the Pollenizer hive. Harder, frankly, than I did. And that’s a criticism of me, not of Mick.

See, when you’re working with Mick, every working moment of his day seems optimised for results. Mick’s on a mission.

I found him most valuable for his unusual aptitude for grasping the core information buried in large volumes of data, big documents and lengthy discussions.

He’ll seize that core information, politely but firmly interrupt you, and then wow you with an insight, an observation, or a chunk of advice, hidden somewhere way down the path you’d still be plodding towards days later if he left you to it.

He’s that way because Mick lives his life with great focus. He applies that ability to focus on the core problems, questions and opportunities in everything he does, including everything he’ll do for you.

Christy Dena
Director, Universe Creation 101

Mick provided mentoring advice to one of my mentorees at my request. As always, Mick was professional, reliable and spot on with his advice. He achieved the fine line of providing key knowledge whilst encouraging the mentoree to feel empowered. I have worked with Mick at BarCampSydney and will continue to do so in the future. Mick. Great guy. Yay! 🙂


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