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Campaign Monitor Raise $250m

Big news; Australian Tech Company Campaign Monitor raise $250m from Insight Ventures That’s a huge effort for the guys and a well deserved milestone. It’s a great result for them and also a wonderful recognition of what is possible in Australia. Not just the size of the success, but the way they were albe to do it it while maintaining a balanced life.I’ve known the guys for years, though they typically keep their heads down working and are wonderfully humble about their results. A few things I take from this: Big success is absolutely possible from Australia. It takes time. Ten years for these guys. You can do it anywhere. They’ve done in 99% in Sutherland about 45 mins from the centre of Sydney. You can do it without raising capital along the way. Yes, you need tech co-founders, but it’s possible. You can do it with balance. They still surf regularly, are raising families and are (very good) table tennis players. You don’t need a crazy vision, but you do need to play in a big market. Deliver one product well and keep making that product great. They have barely stretched outside of email marketing but do it insanely well. Hats off to you guys! Image from Shoestring –  

Xumii Blog is Born

Seconds after birth Originally uploaded by dhgoodman I just started working with Xumii and as a part of it, we launched their blog this morning. Very exciting. Why is it exciting? Well, it’s certainly not my first. I’m estimating that I’ve started more than 50 blogs in my life. Blogs are easier to prepare than hot breakfasts thanks to great tools like WordPress. But as opposed to hot breakfasts, blogs have life. They grow, they evolve, they meander. They intersect different people’s and company’s lives and they are the time capsule. (One of my first blog posts from 2003) So I always get a little excited with a new blog. Where is going to go? What is it going to look like in 5 years? Will it have a personality all it’s own? Funnily enough, today I ran into a guy that helped me build a content management system back in 1998. It had parent child relationships and we eventually opened it up for multiple authors to write news publicly. It was basically a blogging platform, but we didn’t know it at the time. We (stupidly) thought it was a news story writer and when we stopped doing news, we let it go. I love what blogs have brought to […]

Sydney Shared Office Space

So I hired a professional firm to do a floor plan of the office space at 1 Barrack St, Sydney, and here tis; What do you think? 10k well spent. Anyway, combined with the pics (see below) you can get the idea. We had a meetup there today with a bunch of people interested in the space. Some of the tire-kickers; Kate Carruthers Catherine Eibner Alex VK, representing Tangler Bart, representing Tjoos George who wants out of his home office A couple with a startup twinkle in their eye And a bunch of Pollenizers – Bruno, Jon, Phil, Alan, me So now we just have to negotiate hard, crunch the numbers and see if we can pull it off. If you’re keen, please get in touch. Very excited. P.S. Rumour has it that Jodie is the world champion of getting stuff done in Sydney,. including kicking tradesmens arses. You rock Jodie!

Australia as an IT Hub: Nation or City?

Debate: can we afford to allow our efforts to be spread across our big wide nation, or do we need to focus them on a single city? And if so, what city? I’m a big believer that despite all the great technology, nothing yet beats having people in the same area and bumping into them time after time. It’s the only way to build up momentum. USA isn’t a tech hub. Silicon Valley is. We need to (dare I say it) focus! What do you think? Or just comment…..

Coming Up: Barcamp Canberra and MySpace Dev

Barcamp Parliament House Originally uploaded by bigmick So we’ve got some big ones coming up… Firstly… Barcamp Canberra is on Saturday April 19th. A week and a bit. If you’re in Canberra, you should definitely go. Even if you are only someone who loves tech, or loves the Internet or wants to love it you should go. Seriously, it’s a soft way to immerse yourself in some good technology with great people. If you know someone in Canberra who should go, then email/text them now. Do it. Push it. We all complain that our nations capital is slow moving, well this is our chance to do something about it. Email someone. In fact I realise I know someone who used work with Senator and now Minister Penny Wong. I’ll email him now. Do your bit to geek up Canberra! Big /clap for Stephen Trib Collins who I think is the brains, sweat and gears behind this little puppy. Secondly… MySpace are launching their developer community for Australia in Sydney with a party in edgy Surry Hills. They are putting on some beers, chardonnay and pizza triangles and hopefully showing off something cool. I’m hoping for a bit more spice then the Facebook garage a few months ago, which was good, […]

Offtopic: Flashmob in Sydney – Freeze!

Terracotta Warriors Originally uploaded by romainguy Hey, anyone keen to do a flashmob in Sydney like they did at Grand Central in New York? See video here… Basically we all arrange to freeze for five minutes at exactly the same time and then unfreeze at exactly the same time. Pitt Street Mall would be cool. Or Town Hall? Or Opera House? I’m serious about doing this, so let me know if you’re keen.

Sydney Facebook Developer Garage

Dave McClure on Facebook Originally uploaded by bigmick Last night I attended the first ever Sydney Garage for Facebook Developers. It was a reasonably good event, but a little too much seminar and not enough barcamp, although with some Barcamp Sydney vets in the crowd it nearly broke out into a Barcamp. The crowd was mostly filled with developers who are either doing it or want to do it. A couple of business types and a new writer for ZDnet Australia who studied Aerospace. There was a live cross to David Morin the Facebook Platform Manager, which was nearly ruined when someone (who may or may not have been from MySpace) tripped over a cord and knocked the projector over. He was asked lots of questions, most by Jodi Rich (previously of OneTel fame (or infamy)) about including more stuff to access via the API. His standard answer was; “Thanks, we’ll take that feedback onboard” So we thought he was a bot. Then we saw a business guy who builds apps on Facebook talking stats which was pretty interesting. Lots about Facebook’s acquisition and follow on promotion being exponentially better than a normal web site (the guy was CEO of A couple of videos from Facebook guys…. Then we […]

2web Crew Blogcast

2web Originally uploaded by bigmick We did the live recording of the 2web crew podcast and today I got to be special guest. Cool. Podcast Discussion Thanks for the fun.

True Local is A Hopeless Web App

True Local is Hopeless Originally uploaded by bigmick Every once in a while I think that in-house marketing teams at the big companies are getting their act together with web applications and that my services will no longer be required. Then I come across something like and think – wow, they are light years behind. I Googled Hornsby Paint and got a little map and a map promo to a Hornsby based paint store – awesome – no surprises that Google works well. Then I noticed a listing for Paint in Hornsby from Truelocal, a website that offers local directory listings in Australia. They did a whole lot of ads a while back bragging about how there is no use looking for plumbers in one town when you’re in another. In reality they are just as bad as Yellow Pages is in Australia. Just useless. Look for one thing and they give you someone in a different town. But my click through gave me people in a different state. Truelocal? Huh? WTF? It just comes across like they’ve never actually used the product. So there is plenty more room for web application strategists like me to ply our trade. 🙂