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AppRev3: Quamut

Barnes and Noble have launched a “how-to” application called Quamut. (Video review has been removed until I can find a better screencast app…) First thing to note is that I’m not sure how to pronounce the name. Not a great start. Then they have a clever but equally mystifying tag line (which appears to be trademarked) – “The Go-To How To”. They must have missed the simplicity memo. The biggest mistake they make is assuming that everyone will get what it is. And they needed to. It presents like a portal from the late 90’s and even when you click through the information is not exactly structured in a clear way. It looks like they have hedged their bets between an information source and a online version of Dummies guides. I also didn’t think their search was that great. Just a headline and the text in the page. ‘How-To’ is a big subject area and I need to find stuff quickly or else I’m out of there. You compete against Wikipedia and just emailing all my friends. Nothing to blog/write home about.