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Coming Up: Barcamp Canberra and MySpace Dev

Barcamp Parliament House Originally uploaded by bigmick So we’ve got some big ones coming up… Firstly… Barcamp Canberra is on Saturday April 19th. A week and a bit. If you’re in Canberra, you should definitely go. Even if you are only someone who loves tech, or loves the Internet or wants to love it you should go. Seriously, it’s a soft way to immerse yourself in some good technology with great people. If you know someone in Canberra who should go, then email/text them now. Do it. Push it. We all complain that our nations capital is slow moving, well this is our chance to do something about it. Email someone. In fact I realise I know someone who used work with Senator and now Minister Penny Wong. I’ll email him now. Do your bit to geek up Canberra! Big /clap for Stephen Trib Collins who I think is the brains, sweat and gears behind this little puppy. Secondly… MySpace are launching their developer community for Australia in Sydney with a party in edgy Surry Hills. They are putting on some beers, chardonnay and pizza triangles and hopefully showing off something cool. I’m hoping for a bit more spice then the Facebook garage a few months ago, which was good, […]

Workshop: How To Use Web 2.0 Tools

charade #16 answer Originally uploaded by ndrwfgg (Note: If you are one of my really geeky friends, you can probably click away, but you’re friends might be interested.) Recently I did a workshop for Government people who wanted to know the basics about web 2.0 applications (blogs, micro, wiki’s, etc). It was good fun and there was lots of interest. Some of the attendees said that they’d try and have a go at using the tools, but were still a bit unsure. So with the Slattery IT group, I’ve put together a workshop on how to use the various web 2.0 applications and tools. A small group of 5-10 people, in a nice, friendly computer classroom. We’ll slowly walk through all the applications and give you a real, hands on experience. You’ll setup and use; * A blog. * A wiki. * Twitter for micro blogging. * LinkedIn for business networking. * Facebook for social networking and it’s “advanced” features. * Forums. * Photo sharing. You might want to do this because: * You want to see what the fuss is about. * You need to use the tools at work. * You want to use the tools at home. * You need to recruit Generation Y people. If you’re […]

OH: Mike from Techcrunch Bags SxSW and ‘The Haters’

Mike from Techcrunch hits sxsw and ‘the haters’ Originally uploaded by bigmick Here I am with a torn ligament in my foot and 400 days worth of work to do wishing I was hanging out with the crew (mainly Brian Solis and all that wine) and I get a tweet from TechCrunch saying he is glad he is not going. I think it is a result of this morning’s Mark Zuckerberg interview that was painful and/or typical and the resulting media circus. Gotta love the TechWorld when our own tools create half of our fun.

Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress is on today in Barcelona and from the looks of things, everyone in the space is aiming to wow the crowd with something new. Read/Write Web is expecting Google to make the GPhone announcement. And Nokia are having a virtual launch event and talking about it here;

Offtopic: Flashmob in Sydney – Freeze!

Terracotta Warriors Originally uploaded by romainguy Hey, anyone keen to do a flashmob in Sydney like they did at Grand Central in New York? See video here… Basically we all arrange to freeze for five minutes at exactly the same time and then unfreeze at exactly the same time. Pitt Street Mall would be cool. Or Town Hall? Or Opera House? I’m serious about doing this, so let me know if you’re keen.

TGIM Meetup: Monday, Jan 21, Sydney

i love mondays Originally uploaded by bigmick Yup, it’s that time again. TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday) is for people who love what they do and would love to love it more. We get together, talk about our work challenges and ideas and give constructive advice to each other. The small group is diverse. A few corporates, a few startups, a few free lancers. Whole buncha different industries. Feel free to invite other people who rock too. 8.30-9.30 or whenever. Monday, January 21st, 2008. Brolga Cafe Cnr Market and Sussex Wiki Let me know if you can make it.