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200 Posts

This is the 200th post and it’s sole aim is to tell people about itself. Yep, 200 posts here… Not many recently due to mainly posting on my work blog.

Exit Poll Results

I did a quick survey for the Australian Federal Election tonight and here are the results. You can see the poll here. Total Votes 187 Labor 33 17.55% Lib 28 14.89% Greens 111 59.04% Not vote 7 3.72% Ind. 9 4.79% Top Single Word Issues Education Web Filtering.Internet filter Climate No single issue Sustainability Change Immigration You can see the full spreadsheet here

Blogging Vacation

2008-08-14 Anna & the Moving Truck 004 Originally uploaded by peglatz As you can probably see, I’m not blogging here much anymore. Not because I don’t care, but because I’m actually so busy doing web strategy work now – which is really a lot more fun than writing. I do blog every now and then over here; Mick Liubinskas at Pollenizer Blog

CleanFeed, Censoring and Burning Books

fahrenheit burn Originally uploaded by mrtwism It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog, but this issue is crucial. Elias has written a great post about the Internet Filtering issue here in Australia and I wanted to have my say. Summary – In an effort to protect the Australian youth from potentially harmful information and material on the Internet, the Australian government is proposing to filter all information at the ISP level and decide what gets through. In an effort to understand the argument from both sides, I can see how this would appear to be a good solution. There are sites out there with offensive material that I wouldn’t want my children, or anyone probably, to see. Only showing approved material would reduce that risk dramatically and the ISP’s are the ‘junction box’. So I see how a busy politician can sign this off as a nice, clean, quick fix. But it would be a bad fix. A disastrous fix. A fix that heads us down a very dangerous path that will not even work. Here are my reasons. 1. You can’t filter the Internet. The Internet is not a finite set of media. It’s unlimited. It’s pervasive. You can’t effectively filter it and trying to just […]

Put the Oh in Enterprise 2.0

Morning Exercise Video Originally uploaded by Tavallai Q. What do you get if you cross a mental aerobics class with the hefty world of enterprise business without the need to get on a plane? A. The Enterprise 2.0 Forum Great news is that it’s on again. Tuesday, February 24. 8.30 to 2pm Luna Park, Sydney I’ll be there again to hear the live feeds from the USA and UK. At Pollenizer we are definitely doing a lot more enterprise work, which is great. I’m enjoying the challenge of convincing risk-averse corporate types to be brave. What we’re seeing now is that the cost of NOT being open and collaborative is worse than the risk of doing it and getting it wrong. So it’s going to be a very big year in this space. The think I like about this conference is that it’s not quite a Barcamp and definitely not your average, boring conference. For starters there is plenty of wifi – which is great, and most Australian conferences don’t think about it. Ross also makes sure that there are tags so the Twitterverse and flickr pics can be herded. There is also mini-open-workshop sessions where you gather around big round tables and yell and scream at each other about […]

QANTAS Club Poor Service

QANTAS Boeing 747SP, Wellington, 1981 Originally uploaded by PhillipC Last week when I was flying to Brisbane I tried to access the Qantas club of which I am a paying member. I was denied. My client had booked a Virgin flight (startups saving money, which is good to see). It gave me the shits. It’s not a perk you get as a part of your ticket. I pay for it and it’s not cheap. Also, the cost to them is minimal. A cup of coffee, a danish and some power. If I got in normally due to my frequent flyer status, then I understand since it’s a loyalty thing and I’m not flying loyally. (But even then I think it’s dumb, it just forces people to the Virgin lounge). Bad brand building to say the least. So I wrote them an email. “Hi, I don’t fly enough to get free access but I value the benefits when I do and so I pay for QC membership. Recently on a work trip my client booked me via Virgin Blue, even though I’d prefer to go Qantas. For the second time in a year I tried to access the lounge in Sydney but was denied access. I can understand that you prefer […]

Why Isn’t Mick Blogging?

Dual Screen wallpaper Originally uploaded by bigmick I haven’t blogged here for ages. But I am blogging. I’m just doing more of it on the Pollenizer blog then here. Personal experiences and non-Pollenizer quarterly board committee unanimous triplicate approved posts will still go here. But, in way of a quick update on what I’m doing right now…. * Out of my skin excited about 2009 for Pollenizer, me, the web and mobile worlds, the Sydney web community and most things in general. * Loving the momentum of Mogeneration and the amazing work of Tom and Keith. * Working on some hawt projects that are wonderfully challenging and filled to the brim with good people such as Photo Art Gallery, Lingopal, Messmo, Mixin and a few that are under the radar right now. * Smiling broadly over summer in Sydney with Sydney festival, surfing and warmness (although I hate sleeping in this heat….). * Looking forward to opening the new Pollenizer office which is Sydney’s hottest new co-working space. Wow. Back to it!

How I Blog

fountain pen.JPG Originally uploaded by Bright Meadow Laurel asked a great question which I’ve answered many times one-on-one over the years but never blogged. How do I blog? Well, there is 99 ways to skin a cat and more to blog. But here are my normal blogging methods. The Wit This one comes out of the blue, hits me quickly and I blog it before I’ve thought about it. No spell check, no research – right off the top of my head. It’s hit rate is about 20%, which means that most of the time no one sees it, comments or cares. But you don’t mind since it’s also just recording your thoughts and it didn’t take much time. Sometimes you hit gold, which for a blogger means a reasonably large group of people care about it. This happened to me with Ginger Kids which was a post from an email I got which took me about 10 seconds. It’s been going for four years, has over 1,000 comments (which are getting quite rude by the way) and was ranked number 1 in Google for a Ginger Kids search before the South Park episode came out. It’s not a grand claim to fame, but I created it and it’s my […]

OT: I Love The Internet

I had a magic moment and thought I’d share it. I use Flickr Fan by Dave Winer to get photo feeds from AP and Alliance France Media. It sends to my desktop and screensaver amazing pics from media photographers around the world within 15 minutes of them being uploaded. It’ amazing. You can see events unfolding as the day wears on. A picture of Barrack Obama came up on my screen this morning and I noticed he had a cool watch. So I Google searched “what watch does Barack Obama wear?”. I got wiki answers, Yahoo answers and then the right answer. It showed a pic of him wearing the watch I’d seen and learned that it is a watch provided by the Secret Service. So cool! I love all the seemingly small value things that came together to bring me this “Sweet” moment. 1. RSS Feed from AP. 2. Feed tool from OPML. 3. Dynamic desktop. 4. Google search being fast. 5. Easy web publishing. 6. Image access. I Love The Internet!

Startups: Accept Change and Don’t Make Excuses

Startup Options For 2009 Originally uploaded by bigmick There is lots of talk about VC’s being the bringers of doom for startups, self-fulfilling prophecies and money falling off the planet. My brief take on it is that things have changed. Not terribly much, but terribly. We’ve gone from a growing market to a not growing very much at all market. What does that mean? Things are going to be a bit harder now. What things? Most things. * Raising money – not much loose cash around and VC’s can be pickier. * Getting sales – less investment for growth. However, if your product is about reducing risk or reducing costs and the return is clear and short, then you may find it a good market. That being said, most budgets are tightened which , makes things harder. * Hiring good people – when optimism is down, people are less likely to take risks on your band of merry startupers and come with you on a perilous journey. * Being optimistic – it is one of the roles of the entrepreneur and it’s now harder. It’s easier to sing when theirs a choir. So what? Welcome to the job. If it was easy, then everyone would be doing it and you […]