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Integrity is not a heroic event, it’s a thousand tiny opportunities

I just thought about this today when confronted with a situation I could easily ignore. It’s going to take a little bit of courage but I’m going to try and push it. I don’t always succeed. Not because I’m dishonest or lie, but because it’s emotionally hard and the impact might be tiny. But it’s important. I’m going to try harder.

OT: How do you type?

I am constantly surprised by people in the techness web IT Internet industry who two-finger type. They generally tell me that they are fast, but it looks slow. Especially compared to speed typers, which is how I like to think of myself…. So what are you?

Offtopic: A380 Business Class

A380 Business ClassOriginally uploaded by bigmick Just got sent some A380 Airbus shots. WOW! Check out business class on my right. You even get a mouse! I caught a plane yesterday and the tray table couldn’t even go close to letting me work. Thanks Jetstar…. Can’t wait…. but my bank balance can….

How many jobs have you had?

Change of Guards, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Moscow Originally uploaded by yeowatzup I was walking through a great presentation (see below) and I saw that it was saying that kids today may have 10-14 jobs before they are 38. No way! Oh, hang on, I’ve already had 8 different employers. Ouch! Reality… I’m curious to see if I’m different. Sometimes I wish I had more stability and ‘worked my way up’. But mostly I love the variety of roles, companies and especially people I’ve worked with. In the discussion embedded here, vote and tell me what your years per job ratio is and tell me about your stories. — Here is the great presentation that I was inspired by; Shift HappensĀ 

Offtopic: Hammertime

Hammertime Originally uploaded by Afroswede This is pretty funny, but I’m reading it as I’m writing marketing hay for Tangler. It makes you realise that you don’t have to write essays to make a point or to get a response. Simple is stronger, but of course, very very hard work.

Offtopic: Keeping Toilet Seats Down

portable toilet planter Originally uploaded by fredandcharlie I think that the goal of women to keep the toilet seat down has been aiming (pardon the slight pun) at the wrong thing. The goal is that every man should put the toilet seat down after they pee so that when they come in they never fall in, plus they don’t have to see the ugly non-seat bit. But there is no motivation. No reason why a man wants to drop the seat. They don’t get anything out of it. Here is my solution. Don’t aim for the seat to be down. Aim for the lid. You still get your win. And here is how you do it. MEN OF THE WORLD…. When you pee, do you always flush the toilet? OK, mostly. When you flush the toilet some of the pee gets splashed around and some of it ends up on you. Some of your own pee! Yuk! To avoid the pee splash, just drop the lid down. Then you are protected. So remember; Drop the Lid, Avoid the Splash Now spread the word.