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App Review: Social Median

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AppRev3: Quamut

Barnes and Noble have launched a “how-to” application called Quamut. (Video review has been removed until I can find a better screencast app…) First thing to note is that I’m not sure how to pronounce the name. Not a great start. Then they have a clever but equally mystifying tag line (which appears to be trademarked) – “The Go-To How To”. They must have missed the simplicity memo. The biggest mistake they make is assuming that everyone will get what it is. And they needed to. It presents like a portal from the late 90’s and even when you click through the information is not exactly structured in a clear way. It looks like they have hedged their bets between an information source and a online version of Dummies guides. I also didn’t think their search was that great. Just a headline and the text in the page. ‘How-To’ is a big subject area and I need to find stuff quickly or else I’m out of there. You compete against Wikipedia and just emailing all my friends. Nothing to blog/write home about.

AppRev2: Restyleme

Quick review of Hot or Not extension Restyleme (via Killerstartups). Basically you upload a picture and people give you the thumbs up or thumbs down across a range of categories like hair, accessories and smile. So it’s not saving the planet, but it is a little bit of fun and you might get some honest advice about those jeans you’ve been wearing for 3 years. Simple application with quick pick up and easy concept. They had a couple of usability issues around mystery meat links and also some confusing terms. Plus they yelled pretty loudly that I needed to login but didn’t give me an option to do it or to join. Social elements are pretty weak. A sign of all web apps these days thinking they should have social. Actually, this would work amazingly as a Facebook app. Dump a Facebook picture in and my friends can rate it. On the monetization side, they do have some reasonable advertising options by upselling you the things that people tell you need some work. They may also get into dating like Hot or Not did. 1 Minute Video Review of (takes a minute to load, and doesn’t fit quite well, I’m working on it…)

AppRev1: Digital Footprint Calculator

I’m going to start trying to do an application review each day. I found a cool way I can use Skitch and Jing to put myself in the video and still make it a quick screencast. Here is my first one; EMC Digital Footprint Calculator Screencast  – (warning, old screencasts app used, so it’s a bit ugly…) EMC Digital Footprint Calculator Website (video size isn’t quite right yet, but I’m getting there. Plus, this one is less a review, more a walk through, but it’s a start)