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We Are All A Service

*SMILING PUG* – HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, FROM THE SWEETHEART PUG, MEL C *-*Originally uploaded by *SMILING PUG* I love the Company – Customer Pact which I think the Get Satisfaction guys put together. Read it and if you’re nodding agreement and are prepared to wiki in blood then go for it. Join the team. I’ve always been a ‘big on service’ guy but the thing about this pact is that it’s two way. The customer has responsibilities too. It also makes you realise that when you’re building a web application, you are providing a service. You are serving someone. And that can be a noble thing. It can be cool to put together some whacky tech to impress the crew, but until it goes up and someone is using it in their lives then it’s just a box with flashing lights and buttons. I wonder if the principles can be applied to other situations too, like employees and employers (both ways actually), and relationships. Too deep? Pact away!

How Do You Twitter?

My Birds Originally uploaded by matticgn I’m very curious to know how everybody Twitters? I use; Twhirl mostly (new) sometimes on the run Fring on the phone sometiems Seesmic, although I don’t do it much Blog posting via Twitter Tools for WordPress That’s a lot. What about you? And please pass this on to others so we can get some bigger numbers; Cheers The other option is for someone to rip out the data from Twitter? Anyone done that?

Quickflix and Online Application Customer Service

Shit up!Originally uploaded by MFinChina EDITED & UPDATED – QUICKFLIX IS LISTENING TO CUSTOMERS Rant… I signed up for Quickflix trial. One month free. We tried it and loved it. Build up a queue of the movies you want to see, they mail them out to you, you watch them at your own pace, and then send it back when you’re done. Great system. Just like Netflix. So I decided to continue at $19.95 per month and thought I set it up to change down to that level after the trial was over. The rolled me over at $36 per month. “Can you please roll me back?” “No, sorry” “Please, it’s not a lot of money but I think I set it at $19.95” “No, sorry, just wait a month” “Grrr” I know it’s probably not a big team, but a manual change or even a month free to keep a brand new happy customer happy is not a lot. Very disappointed. End Rant UPDATE I just got a call from a customer care guy from Quickflix and it seems they found my blog post. They said that since I felt that I’d saved it and it didn’t connect through, they have given me another free month, at the higher […]