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June 27th, 2005 at 10:04 pm

I’m in Love with Liz Jackson

Anyone else? Media watch rules. I just love the style. Liz is so much better than Littlemore, although he was good. I guess it’s just an intellectual infatuation, but hey, you can’t blame a try hard writer for trying.

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    Littlemore? Did you miss the whole David Marr era? I don’t mind Liz and I’m warming to her style (although I don’t think she feels comfortable in the seat yet), but I kind of miss David Marr’s pink shirts and his narky smugness.

    Rani on June 28th, 2005
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    Ignored it more than missed it. But yeah, I remember.

    I think Liz is in the groove. She’s cute and she’s smart and she doesn’t take any crap - or that is how I see her.

    Mick on June 28th, 2005


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