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December 18th, 2010 at 4:24 pm

2010 - The Year That Was

OK, I’m not blogging here much but I thought I could pop in a year newsletter like update.


We started the year pregnant, or at least Karen was, but we couldn’t tell anyone. Then we got the scans and bubsie (as we referred to ‘it’) was fine so we got to tell everyone. We drove up the coast and surprised our parents. They both kind of guessed as Karen didn’t drink wine over Christmas - what a giveaway!


We had mums 60th birthday which was great fun. A good BBQ with everyone, nice wine and some games. The funniest part was that Nola thought we were playing Trivial Pursuit, but we were playing Articulate where you have to get the people in your team to say the word. Mum kept saying ‘but there is only answers here? Where are the questions?” Oh how we laughed and laughed.

We also had the baptism of Alex, who is Christina and John Mabbott’s 2nd son. I was lucky enough to be asked to be God Father.

During an ultrasound a nurse said “She” and we spent the next six months thinking we had a girl coming…


We moved to Lane Cove. Yep, huge. Left the wild lands of Woolloomooloo and fled to the safe harbour of Suburbanism. We found a great place that had so much storage we didn’t know what to do with it. It’s a three bedroom terrace, but in a great spot. We’re 50m from a pizza place, a greengrocer/deli, an asian food place, a chemist and even a massage/beauty place. Sweet.


Karen’s morning sickness finally stopped. There was much rejoicing.

I also joined a new soccer team, the Greenwich Football Club. Pretty good guys, though I felt pretty old.

Polly and Leo settled into the new house and love the big attic with lots of sun.

We took a week off up to mum and dads prior to bubsie joining us. It was nice and relaxing, with Bob and Nola looking after us as always.


We bought a new car. A Honda CRV. Black. I liked the new BlueTooth (though it’s since stopped working for me..) A very typical family car for first timers. :-) So we finally sold Karen’s Silver Astra and also my Silver Vespa - it was a sad time and I enjoyed my last ride to it’s new owners. Maybe I’ll get a Harley one day?

I think Ryan and Klaudia got engaged around this time. Wow huh. Little tiny Ryan is all grown up and getting married. Though I’m really not sure about his choice…. JUST KIDDING - she’s amazing. Lovely, wonderful, fun, generous, kind, considerate and a fantastic cook.


Karen’s birthday was celebrated with her and her nice plump belly. I surprised her with a rocking chair which she really wanted but couldn’t find. Not long to go now. We had a lot more regular visits with our obby, Dr Stephen Morris. I thought he was a bit cold and clinical to begin with. Very efficient. He got a bit nicer by the end. I definitely advise everyone to triple understand the costs…

We also went down to Bowral for the calm birth course. Bowral was lovely, we stayed at Milton Park which was gorgeous. The course was good too. Lots of ‘hey, take it easy, deep breathes and relax.’ We’ll have to see how it goes…


Karen finished up work and enjoyed her very short stint as a lady of leisure. All the girls got her a really nice nappy bag with some fancy brand.

Karen was due on July 29th… but it came and went.

Mick’s work is getting busier - raising a fund, building Spreets and others. Work/life balance juggling.


At about 12.01 on August 2, Karen woke me up with the lights on saying “I think my water just broke…” I was so dazed and sleepy, I just replied “Um, what, huh?” We quickly got into action and calmly packed our bags and jumped into the car. The two cats bid us farewell.

After about 16 hours of labour and with the dialation going backwards, we got advised to pull bubsie out of the sunroof (a caesarian birth for the uninitiated). Dr Morris came in and whilst discussing a new movie with his assistant calmly opened up Karen and presented us with….

A boy!

We named him Samuel James.

45 seconds later, I set up a blog for him. Of course…. find it here > Samuel James Blog and read more about Sam.

We had a rough first few weeks getting used to our new son. Changing nappies, settling, feeding…

In his third week he got sick. Pyloric Stenosis. Read about it on the blog. It was a very hard time but we got through it and now he’s fixed forever. We are so happy.

Big, big, big thanks to our family and friends for supporting us through the pregnancy, birth and operation. Particularly Klaudia for cooking some extra meals for us, it really helped.

An even bigger, bigger, bigger thanks to the nurses and doctors at Sydney Childrens Hospital. They were amazing. They were caring, loving, patient, understanding - just wonderful - thank you.


More life with Sam… Karen loves her mothers group. Some really nice mums and lovely bubs. I’m very glad that she found some good people in there.

We nicknamed Sam Schmoopsie and started making up songs for him.


Dan and Kims bucks weekend and hens night was quickly followed by their wedding. They got torrential rain so it moved inside - it was still lovely. Lots of fun with all of our friends. Maybe the last wedding of that gang - unless Will marries of course… ;-)

The next day we had Beatrice’s first birthday. So much fun with all the kids.


Another Wedding - Amy and Oliver - what an awesome couple and a perfect match. Up the Central Coast with a big marquee. We had a table with 4 pregnant women on it and us with Sam. Sheesh. A good fun night.

We also had a big weekend away up to Port Stephens for Karen and my 3rd wedding anniversary and my birthday. It was so much fun. Sam had his first dip in the pool and first trip to the beach.


The final wedding of the year (Sam’s third…) for Georgie and Martin - so happy for her to find a great guy. They had a wonderful location up on Bradley’s Head and a fun night was had by all. I realised that I wore the same thing to all 3 weddings and while there were no people at any two, the photos will be the same. Doh.

OK, December isn’t over yet but that’s the update so far.


It’s funny that seeing it written there, 2011 seems like some futuristic date that should include flying cars. But it’s 3 weeks away as I write this. Wow.

I hope for another huge year. Lots of great fun as Sam turns 1. More constant laughter at each other with Karen and I. Hopefully a big fun trip to Fiji for a lot of my (very very old) friends as they turn 40. Some big wins with work. A fabulous wedding of Ryan and Klaudia. Good times with friends. Everyone happy and healthy!

See you there!