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AppRev2: Restyleme

Quick review of Hot or Not extension Restyleme (via Killerstartups). Basically you upload a picture and people give you the thumbs up or thumbs down across a range of categories like hair, accessories and smile. So it’s not saving the planet, but it is a little bit of fun and you might get some honest advice about those jeans you’ve been wearing for 3 years. Simple application with quick pick up and easy concept. They had a couple of usability issues around mystery meat links and also some confusing terms. Plus they yelled pretty loudly that I needed to login but didn’t give me an option to do it or to join. Social elements are pretty weak. A sign of all web apps these days thinking they should have social. Actually, this would work amazingly as a Facebook app. Dump a Facebook picture in and my friends can rate it. On the monetization side, they do have some reasonable advertising options by upselling you the things that people tell you need some work. They may also get into dating like Hot or Not did. 1 Minute Video Review of Restyleme.com (takes a minute to load, and doesn’t fit quite well, I’m working on it…)

Application Delivery Tool Guinea Pigs

Japanese train sexOriginally uploaded by Joe Jones I’ve recently started working with a new client who has built some amazing tools for software developers. The tool streamlines the process of development, QA, staging and production. Making it faster and more reliable. It makes them hum like a Japanese rail service (hence the pic). They haven’t launched yet, but are looking for people in teams of 5-20 developers who have some server space and would be interested in trialling it. If you’re keen, then let me know. mliubinskas gmail

Sydney Facebook Developer Garage

Dave McClure on Facebook Originally uploaded by bigmick Last night I attended the first ever Sydney Garage for Facebook Developers. It was a reasonably good event, but a little too much seminar and not enough barcamp, although with some Barcamp Sydney vets in the crowd it nearly broke out into a Barcamp. The crowd was mostly filled with developers who are either doing it or want to do it. A couple of business types and a new writer for ZDnet Australia who studied Aerospace. There was a live cross to David Morin the Facebook Platform Manager, which was nearly ruined when someone (who may or may not have been from MySpace) tripped over a cord and knocked the projector over. He was asked lots of questions, most by Jodi Rich (previously of OneTel fame (or infamy)) about including more stuff to access via the API. His standard answer was; “Thanks, we’ll take that feedback onboard” So we thought he was a bot. Then we saw a business guy who builds apps on Facebook talking stats which was pretty interesting. Lots about Facebook’s acquisition and follow on promotion being exponentially better than a normal web site (the guy was CEO of shop.com). A couple of videos from Facebook guys…. Then we […]