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Campaign Monitor Raise $250m

Big news; Australian Tech Company Campaign Monitor raise $250m from Insight Ventures That’s a huge effort for the guys and a well deserved milestone. It’s a great result for them and also a wonderful recognition of what is possible in Australia. Not just the size of the success, but the way they were albe to do it it while maintaining a balanced life.I’ve known the guys for years, though they typically keep their heads down working and are wonderfully humble about their results. A few things I take from this: Big success is absolutely possible from Australia. It takes time. Ten years for these guys. You can do it anywhere. They’ve done in 99% in Sutherland about 45 mins from the centre of Sydney. You can do it without raising capital along the way. Yes, you need tech co-founders, but it’s possible. You can do it with balance. They still surf regularly, are raising families and are (very good) table tennis players. You don’t need a crazy vision, but you do need to play in a big market. Deliver one product well and keep making that product great. They have barely stretched outside of email marketing but do it insanely well. Hats off to you guys! http://www.campaignmonitor.com/ Image from Shoestring – http://www.shoestring.com.au/2014/03/email-wars-chimp-chasing-cronulla-style/  

Serious Startup Excitement

Yesterday I met 24 of the shortlisted Startmate companies for an interview. I took them all for a walk (to stretch their legs and keep me fit). Some notes; A lot of people on their 2nd or 3rd business. A lot of people with good networks. Some crazy big ambitions. Lots of passion. Balanced teams of biz and tech. This is while I’m going through 200 muru-D applications. Wow, the ecosystem here is growing at a healthy pace. How awesome is that! Here is a quick video of some of the startups I chatted to:

2web Crew Blogcast

2web Originally uploaded by bigmick We did the live recording of the 2web crew podcast and today I got to be special guest. Cool. Podcast Discussion Thanks for the fun.

Australia’s Top Web Celebrities

PodCamp Perth 2007 – Perth’s Norgs Originally uploaded by quinncd Wow, looks like someone things Australia is geeky enough to have celebrities. Cool. There is a poll on the page to vote. Vote for Australia’s Top Web 2.0 Celebrities Vote now, you have 5 days left. And blog it, twitter it, send it to your mother. Duncan Riley is winning right now but surely we can make it a tighter race? Just to see if they are tracking their names, let’s see how many of them find this page and make a comment below. The Nominees. Duncan Riley Cameron Reilly Bronwen Clune Mick Liubinskas Phil Morle Richard Giles Russ Weakley Ajay Ranipeta Lachlan Hardy Jason Crane Geoff Bowers Flex Daddy Darren Rowse Ben Barren James Farmer Laurel Papworth Frank Arrigo Stephen Collins Martin Wells Chris Saad Nick Hodge Elias Bizannes Scott-Bradley Pearce Alex Shiels Peter Wells Andrew Sayer Allan Cockerill Ange Recchi Rachel Cook Cathy Edwards Matt Voerman Mark Blair Damian O’Neil Miles Burke Myles Eftos Paul Montgomery Megan Bayliss Meg Tsiamis Carole Foggarty Jamie Le Souef Kesa Marin NAME DELETED SINCE I WON’T PUT IT ON MY BLOG Rene Le Merle Cameron Adams John Allsop Kay Smoljak Nick Cowie Jess McGuire Sarah Stokely Paul Hutton Tim Lucas Sue Waters […]