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True Local is A Hopeless Web App

True Local is Hopeless Originally uploaded by bigmick Every once in a while I think that in-house marketing teams at the big companies are getting their act together with web applications and that my services will no longer be required. Then I come across something like TrueLocal.com.au and think – wow, they are light years behind. I Googled Hornsby Paint and got a little map and a map promo to a Hornsby based paint store – awesome – no surprises that Google works well. Then I noticed a listing for Paint in Hornsby from Truelocal, a website that offers local directory listings in Australia. They did a whole lot of ads a while back bragging about how there is no use looking for plumbers in one town when you’re in another. In reality they are just as bad as Yellow Pages is in Australia. Just useless. Look for one thing and they give you someone in a different town. But my click through gave me people in a different state. Truelocal? Huh? WTF? It just comes across like they’ve never actually used the product. So there is plenty more room for web application strategists like me to ply our trade. 🙂