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Coming Up: Barcamp Canberra and MySpace Dev

Barcamp Parliament House Originally uploaded by bigmick So we’ve got some big ones coming up… Firstly… Barcamp Canberra is on Saturday April 19th. A week and a bit. If you’re in Canberra, you should definitely go. Even if you are only someone who loves tech, or loves the Internet or wants to love it you should go. Seriously, it’s a soft way to immerse yourself in some good technology with great people. If you know someone in Canberra who should go, then email/text them now. Do it. Push it. We all complain that our nations capital is slow moving, well this is our chance to do something about it. Email someone. In fact I realise I know someone who used work with Senator and now Minister Penny Wong. I’ll email him now. Do your bit to geek up Canberra! Big /clap for Stephen Trib Collins who I think is the brains, sweat and gears behind this little puppy. Secondly… MySpace are launching their developer community for Australia in Sydney with a party in edgy Surry Hills. They are putting on some beers, chardonnay and pizza triangles and hopefully showing off something cool. I’m hoping for a bit more spice then the Facebook garage a few months ago, which was good, […]

Sydney Facebook Developer Garage

Dave McClure on Facebook Originally uploaded by bigmick Last night I attended the first ever Sydney Garage for Facebook Developers. It was a reasonably good event, but a little too much seminar and not enough barcamp, although with some Barcamp Sydney vets in the crowd it nearly broke out into a Barcamp. The crowd was mostly filled with developers who are either doing it or want to do it. A couple of business types and a new writer for ZDnet Australia who studied Aerospace. There was a live cross to David Morin the Facebook Platform Manager, which was nearly ruined when someone (who may or may not have been from MySpace) tripped over a cord and knocked the projector over. He was asked lots of questions, most by Jodi Rich (previously of OneTel fame (or infamy)) about including more stuff to access via the API. His standard answer was; “Thanks, we’ll take that feedback onboard” So we thought he was a bot. Then we saw a business guy who builds apps on Facebook talking stats which was pretty interesting. Lots about Facebook’s acquisition and follow on promotion being exponentially better than a normal web site (the guy was CEO of shop.com). A couple of videos from Facebook guys…. Then we […]

Blogs are Conferences, Forums are Barcamps

Conference Lighting – Vodafone 005 Originally uploaded by On Stage Lighting NOTE: This is a semi-blatant plug of Tangler who I work for. But it’s still true. Blogging is great. I love it. I’m doing it right now. It’s me having a thought or theory and putting it down on paper for the world to see. You take your time, collect your thoughts (sometimes) and you PUBLISH it. It’s done. It’s finished. Then there is blog commenting, where the world gets to tell you what they thought of your thoughts. “Nice.” “LOL”. “You suck”. But it’s a conference. It has it’s place, but it’s dated. At conferences, one guy gets up since he knows it all and tells the 1,000 people who paid to see him what he wants to say (usually not much). He prepares it, puts it up on the screen and tells his story. When he’s done he opens it up for questions. Audience members get to stand near the mic and ask occasionally insightful questions.* Barcamps, or open-event conferences like it, are different. There is no one speaker, no schedule and really, no audience. We are all in this together. Anyone can choose the topic, anyone can respond at any time and if you don’t like […]

Me On OnThePod with Duncan Riley

Duncan Riley at TC Ranch Originally uploaded by bigmick Did a quick chat to Duncan today about Tangler et al; Listen To The Mick Liubinskas Podcast Now We talk about; Kazaa My eCoast startup. Tangler Social operating systems. Data Portability Discuss WebJam Beer 2.0 Barcamp Sydney Highway 101 Cultural differences between USA and Australia Tech Scene in Sydney Do Australian tech companies need to go to the USA? Why? Enjoy!