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Sydney Shared Office Space

So I hired a professional firm to do a floor plan of the office space at 1 Barrack St, Sydney, and here tis; What do you think? 10k well spent. Anyway, combined with the pics (see below) you can get the idea. We had a meetup there today with a bunch of people interested in the space. Some of the tire-kickers; Kate Carruthers Catherine Eibner Alex VK, representing Tangler Bart, representing Tjoos George who wants out of his home office A couple with a startup twinkle in their eye And a bunch of Pollenizers – Bruno, Jon, Phil, Alan, me So now we just have to negotiate hard, crunch the numbers and see if we can pull it off. If you’re keen, please get in touch. Very excited. P.S. Rumour has it that Jodie is the world champion of getting stuff done in Sydney,. including kicking tradesmens arses. You rock Jodie!