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10 Ways People Find New Web Apps

Surprise! Just what I’ve always wanted! Originally uploaded by Sugar Pond They don’t come in a box, or bought off the shelves. So how do people find new web applications? A really important question for someone who’s just made one and wants a few more customers, or someone who’s thinking of making one.  Notice that most of these hinge on you being awesome. 1. You see a friend using it. This could be directly over the shoulder, or they could casually digesting someones twitter feed and hear that they use it. This is how I discovered Desklickr yesterday as Lachlan Hardy twittered it, not as a promotion, but just that he used it. 2. You get an invite from Facebook, et al. Whether it’s a vampire app or something that is actually useful to the planet, when someone decides to spam/invite you to a new application it comes with (some) credibility. This credibility is like a borse in that the more Vampire’s I get from you, the lower your credibility, the more Quicksilver’s I get, up goes your credibility. 3. You get emailed an invite personally. As far as referrals go, this is the big one. “Hey Mick, you really should check this out, you’ll love it”. Is pretty much […]

Web Applications That Fit With Lifestyle

Im not addicted to skitch Originally uploaded by bigmick I’m sure you’re like me, 100’s of cool apps come across your desktop every year and so many of them would actually benefit you to use them regularly, yet you don’t. Why is that? One of the big reasons people miss is that the app just didn’t suit your lifestyle. I don’t me your sexual orientation, how much you party, or whether you play Warcraft. I mean, does it actually slot into your life as it is today. For instance, Twitter, Pownce and those ‘where are you’ apps like Plazes are pretty interesting, but none of them fit into my life. I had to go somewhere specifically and update something just so that a few people would know something about me? Meh! It was a chore. Then Twitter got more buzz and I had a few more friends using it, so I tried Twitterific. All of a sudden, the app was a seamless part of my life. It had a place. The value was the same, but now the value could be realised for a very tiny cost. Then when I was using it more and finding more friends worth following it was even more valuable. The lifestyle fit actually created […]