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Xumii Blog is Born

Seconds after birth Originally uploaded by dhgoodman I just started working with Xumii and as a part of it, we launched their blog this morning. Very exciting. Why is it exciting? Well, it’s certainly not my first. I’m estimating that I’ve started more than 50 blogs in my life. Blogs are easier to prepare than hot breakfasts thanks to great tools like WordPress. But as opposed to hot breakfasts, blogs have life. They grow, they evolve, they meander. They intersect different people’s and company’s lives and they are the time capsule. (One of my first blog posts from 2003) So I always get a little excited with a new blog. Where is going to go? What is it going to look like in 5 years? Will it have a personality all it’s own? Funnily enough, today I ran into a guy that helped me build a content management system back in 1998. It had parent child relationships and we eventually opened it up for multiple authors to write news publicly. It was basically a blogging platform, but we didn’t know it at the time. We (stupidly) thought it was a news story writer and when we stopped doing news, we let it go. I love what blogs have brought to […]

Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress is on today in Barcelona and from the looks of things, everyone in the space is aiming to wow the crowd with something new. Read/Write Web is expecting Google to make the GPhone announcement. And Nokia are having a virtual launch event and talking about it here;