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How Do You Twitter?

My Birds Originally uploaded by matticgn I’m very curious to know how everybody Twitters? I use; Twhirl mostly (new) Twitter.com sometimes m.twitter.com on the run Fring on the phone sometiems Seesmic, although I don’t do it much Blog posting via Twitter Tools for WordPress That’s a lot. What about you? And please pass this on to others so we can get some bigger numbers; Cheers The other option is for someone to rip out the data from Twitter? Anyone done that?

I love Flickr

I love Flickr Originally uploaded by jodi_tripp I got Flickr working on this blog too. I do love Flickr. I’ll try not to talk about it too much but I think they do a lot of stuff right. Like this for an offramp onto WordPress. Sweet, or as my friend Alisdair would say, Swedish!