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Workshop: How To Use Web 2.0 Tools

charade #16 answer Originally uploaded by ndrwfgg (Note: If you are one of my really geeky friends, you can probably click away, but you’re friends might be interested.) Recently I did a workshop for Government people who wanted to know the basics about web 2.0 applications (blogs, micro, wiki’s, etc). It was good fun and there was lots of interest. Some of the attendees said that they’d try and have a go at using the tools, but were still a bit unsure. So with the Slattery IT group, I’ve put together a workshop on how to use the various web 2.0 applications and tools. A small group of 5-10 people, in a nice, friendly computer classroom. We’ll slowly walk through all the applications and give you a real, hands on experience. You’ll setup and use; * A blog. * A wiki. * Twitter for micro blogging. * LinkedIn for business networking. * Facebook for social networking and it’s “advanced” features. * Forums. * Photo sharing. You might want to do this because: * You want to see what the fuss is about. * You need to use the tools at work. * You want to use the tools at home. * You need to recruit Generation Y people. If you’re […]

The Fuss About Friend Feed & Video Review

There is a big of buzz around FriendFeed right now and lots of people as asking why. I did a quick video review of FriendFeed here if you want to see what it’s about. Follow Mick Liubinskas on FriendFeed here.  Basically it let’s you aggregate your the feeds of different applications and networks and show them in one stream. So I can see my Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube all together. You can also add friends and see what they are talking about, and have a stream of all your friends feeds. Hence, Friendfeed. It’s picking up pace, but I’m curious to see whether this will become something people visit once and don’t come back, visit occasionally, or use regularly? Also, do you want it all in one place, or do you prefer to be able to roam around and have different ‘tastes’ depending on your mood? Let me know your thoughts.

Who’s Stalking You on Social Networks?

Stalker mode Originally uploaded by bigmick There is two sides to social metrics. The business side and the user side. This screenshot is one of my first views of how LinkedIn is trying to add more value by letting me see who’s looking at my profile. It was an interesting experience. I felt like I was prying by knowing what other people were doing. And then I felt, “Hey, who are these people looking at me?”. I curious to see if Facebook and other social apps also have tools and stats like this to see who’s looking you up. (5 minutes later) So I couldn’t find any real stalker stats on Facebook, but I’m sure you could scrape them somehow? Or is no permalinks a challenge?? — Question:

Fake Social Ads and The Businss Model Balance

Fake Social AdsOriginally uploaded by bigmick Direct-Advertising, where a web page is built just so it gets search click throughs and then has more ads on it, was a highly profitable abomination. It dilutes the value of the Internet and that’s where I work and play so I don’t like it. Fake social ads are just as bad. “You’ve got a message” or “Someone has a crush on you” changes meaning once it exists inside a social application because it becomes not just annoying, but deceptive. It’s the difference between a flashing ‘fart button’ ad and a ‘Your system is at risk. Clean it?’ I’m surprised that Social Networks like MySpace and Facebook put up with stuff like this, but reality is you can’t moderate 500 million ads. I remember back in the Double Click days how you could bring up all the ads and decide what gets shown. You’d have to have a team of 20 working in shifts to get through it. The first question maybe is, who really cares? I do because I try and keep the quality high and the bad guys on porn sites. And I know all of my friend/colleagues do (anyone reading this fits in here) because they are in the same area. […]

Afraid of Super Wall and Social Metrics

Afraid of Super Wall? Originally uploaded by bigmick Just noticed this when Super Wall tried again (in vain) to be added by me. Not a chance! “Afraid of abuse..?” Wow, that’s pretty powerful. I must say I feel Facebook knows what’s going on inside it’s app and reacts pretty quickly to give customers the option to ditch evil stuff, like Super Wall. Imagine the data that they must get from this? I wonder if Slide get to see it? I was talking to Mr Jones about how Facebook is missing out on data by not letting users hide/ditch sponsored links in their news feed. If they click, at least you know they saw it and at least you know they didn’t really want it. Maybe it’s a case of if you collect it, the stats might be bad? I’d be surprised if FB took this line. Social metrics is something I’m diving into right now and I’m enjoying the swim so far. Lots to learn (for everyone) but crucial stuff with broad applications. Everything from what is a friend worth to ‘does social networks make us happier?” I’ll write more when I know more. In the meantime, collect everything and keep an eye on the forest and the trees (and […]

Where Will People Run To Next? Ambient Media!

Running Away Originally uploaded by Heather Garland Seeing Jeremiah Owyang’s post about 2008 made me think about the cycle of; (1) The mass of people get sick of controlled media and advertising. (2) They run away and find somewhere to talk. (3) BigCo and MassMedia find out where they’ve gone and follow them. This is how I see it’s gone over the past 12 years: 1996 – Mass media TV, radio, magazines and news papers are stale, controlled, contrived and yelling so loudly we can’t hear the good things they could say. So people found this Internet thing that seemed pretty open and unladen of strings and roamed freely. 2000 – BigMedia finally realised that they were yelling to an empty(ing) room and wondered where they had all gone. “The Interwebs, that’s where they are!” So they built brochure sites and yelled at us with banner ads. The People responded by building tools that let them write what they want to write be what they want to be yeah. Build your own websites and then blogs were blank pages of freedom. 2004 – BigMedia finally learned how to spell blogs and about community contributions. Some good bloggers, but not the great melting pot that was. The People realised that what […]