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AllTop is RSS for Masses

I disagree with Mike from TechCrunch’s conclusion that Guy Kawasaki’s AllTop is lame. RSS is still only known and used by the geeks and the time is coming where the average netizen wants to read more stuff they are interested in. Right now they go to a few news sites and maybe search to find blogs, but would never bookmark them, let alone subscribe to the RSS. AllTop picks a bunch of subject and then gives you the most recent five stories from the top bloggers on that area. You can mouse over to get an OK abstract of the story. Here is a quick video review; (Sorry about size, I’m using Screencast.com and Jing and the resizing is eluding me right now) Why do I think it’s got a chance? Because I can see my wife and even my dad using it. They are now both looking for stuff to read and are ready to venture outside of the news sits they know, but they are not quite sure where to start. The big challenge is how do you reach them? You’re not going to do it via search engines because you’re too broad. You could try and advertise on the newspapers but I’m pretty sure they’d reject you. […]

OH: Mike from Techcrunch Bags SxSW and ‘The Haters’

Mike from Techcrunch hits sxsw and ‘the haters’ Originally uploaded by bigmick Here I am with a torn ligament in my foot and 400 days worth of work to do wishing I was hanging out with the crew (mainly Brian Solis and all that wine) and I get a tweet from TechCrunch saying he is glad he is not going. I think it is a result of this morning’s Mark Zuckerberg interview that was painful and/or typical and the resulting media circus. Gotta love the TechWorld when our own tools create half of our fun.