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Tech Co-Founder Roundabout

It’s hard to find a tech co-founder to build a business with. Ask Liz at YouChews. It’s even harder to build a tech business without a tech co-founder. The reason it’s an issue is a bit of a circular reference. Don’t Have a Tech Co-Founder: Startups are risky. So it’s hard to attract funding early. So you don’t have much money to pay people. So if you can’t pay people and you’re not a coder then it’s hard to create a product, that gets traction that gets funding to pay people. Maybe a 1% chance of success. Have a Tech Co-Founder: Startups are risky. So it’s hard to attract funding early. So you don’t have much money to pay people. Since you’re a coder, you make a MVP in your spare time. Your MVP gets some traction and either makes some money so you bootstrap or it helps you raise some money. Maybe a 5% chance of success. Other Reasons Why It’s Hard Uncertainty – building a new product that does a new thing in a new way isn’t just hard, it’s risky. You have to learn which takes time (if you are a programmer) or money (if you aren’t a programmer). Startup tech companies is a contact sport. You […]

How to Safely Play with Web 2.0

test tube flowers Originally uploaded by cyancey I did a presentation this morning to a great bunch of marketing and media people in Australian Government organisations. One of their biggest challenges is that they want to do more web 2.0 stuff, but the legal eagles won’t let them try and the IT guys won’t help them try. So we came up with the idea of playing with password protected tools and then showing the naysayers how we are using it. So here is a list of free applications that you can sign up to and play with in password protected, invite only way. 1. Blogging Where you write stuff and people make comments about it. Try WordPress.com Uncheck the tick box on the second page that says “Privacy” 2. Wiki Webpages that lots of people can add to and change. Try Wetpaint Change “Who can view your wiki” to private. 3. Micromedia Sending little short messages about thinks you’re doing and stuff you’ve found to your friends. Try Twitter Then add me as a friend by going here and clicking ‘Follow’ I’ll follow you back. 4. Forums Where anyone can create a new topic around a subject and everyone talks about it. Try Tangler (of course) Click ‘Private’ under group […]

I love Flickr

I love Flickr Originally uploaded by jodi_tripp I got Flickr working on this blog too. I do love Flickr. I’ll try not to talk about it too much but I think they do a lot of stuff right. Like this for an offramp onto WordPress. Sweet, or as my friend Alisdair would say, Swedish!

My First Real Post On My Shiny New Blog

So I’ve finally gotten myself a WordPress Blog after 5 years with Typepad (Sorry Mena!). I loved Typepad, so easy to setup, so easy to run, lots of blogs, great stats. Awesome. But the time had come for me to move on. To bigger and harder things. Or at least more advanced. And that’s WordPress. I have to say that it took my less than 24 hours to go get a domain name, get some hosting (Go Daddy), get WordPress and set it all up. And that’s with a cold and working full(on) time. WordPress was a delight. Easy instructions for a non-developer. Lots of options. No big scary dangerous issues. With good FTP and a text editor you can get it done in 20 minutes, even with making a few boo-boos along the way. Next post will cover more about what I hope to do, but basically this is for my work and love of technology, community and building businesses. Thanks for dropping by. I hope to keep you entertained, if not learn you a thing or two. Cheers, Mick